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Skiing, Auli

Auli is a popular destination known for the sport skiing. The snowy slopes of the place are the best sites to enjoy skiing to its fullest. The place is famous as one of the best skiing sites in the world, with facilities to enjoy Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, and Telemark Skiing. Enthusiastic skiers can also go for slalom, cross-country, and downward skiing actions here. The snowy slopes are around 20 km long and to-and-fro movement is facilitated with the Gondola cable car. Snow-packing machines and snow beaters maintain the smoothness of the slopes.

The skiing slopes are surrounded by green woody forests and are safe zones for skiing. These woody forests help to minimise the velocity of the wind while skiing. The summer season is the best time to enjoy the sport of skiing in Auli. Ski equipment, snow beaters, and special skiing packages are provided by various agencies in Auli.

Tourists should bring woollen wears, socks, caps, gloves, dark glasses, pullovers, windproof jackets, mufflers, gum boots, and a torch light with them. Auli also serves as a good training ground for all those people who want to try their hand at skiing.