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Sagar Island Tourism - An Island Paradise

What do you get when you take an island paradise and make it a place of religious importance? Lots and lots of tourist and a busling holiday and pilgrimage place; that’s exactly what Sagar Island, off the coast of Kolkata is. The island, in the Bay of Bengal has tones of tourist value to offer and isn’t expensive at all. During the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti thousands of pilgrims flock here by boat or by road to pay homage and to take a break from mundane city life.

Tourist places in and around Sagar Island

What’s better? Everything from the life on the island to food to even the ferry ride there spells fun. For driving enthusiasts who want to make a road trip of the vacation, there is a ferry that allows you to board with your car! The Gangasagar Mela or fete during Makar Sakranti is the time to be here. Traditionally people take a dip in the Ganges where it meets the Bay of Bengal. Sagar Island also offers a popular bird watching spot close to the mangroves.

The Sagar Lighthouse

Sagar Marine Park and the Kapil Mini temple are two places frequented by most tourists. One may also want to travel a little to head towards the Sagar Lighthouse, which offers breathtaking views of the place. Getting around Sagar Island is a little difficult if you don’t have a car. You might want to hire a local car, but make sure you don’t get gypped on the fares.

How to reach Sagar Island

Sagar Island can be accessed by road,rail and air

Best time to visit Sagar Island

November to March is the ideal time to visit Sagar Island.

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