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Neemuch Weather

The best season to visit Neemuch is between October and March. Even though, tourists would not find any difficulty while visiting Neemuch at any other time of the year, the period mentioned above is considered apt. During this time, tourists would have a perfect stay in the district of Neemuch.

Live Weather Forecast
Neemuch, India 25 ℃ Overcast
Wind: 21 from the SW Humidity: 92% Pressure: 1000 mb Cloud Cover: 98%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Thursday 27 Jul 34 ℃92 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉
Friday 28 Jul 31 ℃87 ℉ 24 ℃ 75 ℉
Saturday 29 Jul 31 ℃88 ℉ 24 ℃ 75 ℉
Sunday 30 Jul 33 ℃91 ℉ 25 ℃ 76 ℉
Monday 31 Jul 33 ℃91 ℉ 24 ℃ 75 ℉

The maximum temperature experienced in Neemuch district in summer is 32 degrees which is absolutely comfortable for tourists. Tourists can expect a pleasant weather most of the time with very little signs of extremity. Neemuch has a wonderful summer time for people inhabiting or visiting the place.


The monsoon period in Neemuch is extremely enjoyable for tourists. With the required amount of rain, Monsoon season in Neemuch is apt for exploring the place. Neemuch experiences an average rainfall of 1343.6 mm. Tourists can expect a memorable stay in Neemuch during Monsoon.


Winter in Neemuch commences during November. The temperature in winter is again not to its extreme, which is 19.42 degrees at its minimum. The winter evenings in Neemuch are cool and comfortable for tourists visiting the place. Like summer, the temperature remains enjoyable most of the time in winters.