Sikkim - a great tourist destination

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The state of Sikkim in India, nestled in the lower Himalayas, has been a favourite tourist spot for decades owing to its fascinating culture and people, natural beauty and astounding biodiversity. It is the least populous state and the smallest after Goa.

On the border of Sikkim and Nepal is the Kanchenjunga, 8,586 metres 28,170 ft, the highest peak of India and the third highest on the planet. Sikkim is home to 28 mountain peaks, more than 80 glaciers, 227 high-altitude lakes, five hot springs, and more than 100 rivers and streams. Eight mountain passes connect the state to Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal.

Tourism is a major contributing factor to Sikkim economy. In recent years, hang gliding and river rafting have also been introduced to promote tourism.

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