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The Shrines Which Are Not Only Home To Gods But Also To Paranormal Activities

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Updated: Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 10:11 [IST]
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As one goes deep into the psyche of an Indian, it becomes evident that every individual in one way or the other believes in the supernatural. Known by all sorts of names such as spirits, ghosts, demons, witches, etc. (irrespective of their classification and nomenclature), one would want to take the help these supernatural powers to get rid of various troubles and hardships they face or vice versa.

Whilst there are numerous temples to worship gods and goddess to keep evil at bay, some places also become abodes for the paranormal and would at times send chills down your spine. Scroll down to find out about some of these places.

Sant Sabir Shah Dargah – Chainpur

A place for those who come looking for a cure from demonic possessions, this dargah is considered by many as the most revered place which helps one get rid of those demonic spirits which dwell in the human body.

The place is filled with those individuals who are said to be under the spell of a deviant spirit. Here one would come across people who offer prayers in a state of trance. One can also find men chained to the walls waiting for them to be cured of the spirits.


Chandi Devi Temple – Haridwar

Chandi is one amongst the seven forms of the Mother Goddess which depicts her as someone on the violent side. The Chandi Devi Temple at Haridwar is a common place for exorcisms which are carried out to ride the evil spirits from one's body.

During Navrathri, it is said that the power of the deity scales heights and it is said that people actually do get possessed by the power of the deity.

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Dattatreya Mandir – Gangapur

Located in Gulbarga district in the state of Karnataka, the Dattatreya Temple witnesses something beyond description. Large number of devotees come here especially during the new moon and full moon days.

At the time of the Mahamangala Aarti, one can hear people screaming, shouting and abusing the gods. These people are believed to be possessed by some sort of evil spirit which makes them climb up walls, ramparts, pillars, etc.


Harsu Brahm Temple – Bihar

Situated on the Bihar - Uttar Pradesh border, the shrine is believed to be the dwelling place of the unhappy soul of a Brahmin who wants to be worshiped. People come to this shrine to get rid of evil spirits, demons and other such undefinable powers.

Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanuman Mandir – Gujarat

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, this temple in Gujarat is pretty well known for the exorcism of all sorts of evil spirits, ghosts and much more.

The deity is believed and worshiped as the remover of obstacles and difficulties which indeed brings in a large number of devotees.

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Mehandipur Balaji Temple – Rajasthan

The Mehandipur Balaji Temple is supposedly one of those shrines in India where live exorcisms are still practiced. The shrine is visited by a large number of devotees everyday who would offer prayers to the deity in the most extreme ways possible.

From pouring boiling water over themselves to chaining themselves to the walls, devotees follow it all for they believe they are cured of their evil spirits once they undergo these extreme methods of exorcism.


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