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Palair Lake, Khammam

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Palair Lake, located in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh is one of the beautiful lakes in India. The Lake is part of the Palair Village that lies in the Kusumanchi Mandal within the Khammam district. The lake lies about 30 km from the main city and is easily accessible by road. This man-made lake is actually a balancing reservoir for the left canal, called the Lal Bahadur Canal, built as part of the Nagarjunasagar project. The lake has been built over an area of 1748 hectares and has a capacity of storing 2.5 TMC water.

Khammam photos, Palair Lake - The Reservoir
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The water from the lake is used for irrigation purposes, and the lake itself is a famous spot for fish farming. The Palair Lake is a very famous tourist attraction of Khammam because it offers water sports as well as adventure activities. The lake also has many varieties of prawns and fresh water fish that are not only cultivated, but also prepared as delicacies for the tourists. Very close to the Palair Lake is the Wyra Lake which is another good picnic spot. Travelers coming to the city of Khammam can club their visits to these places together to make the most of their trips.



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