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Ngaloi Falls, Churachandpur

Must Visit

Ngaloi Falls is rapidly emerging as one of those tucked-away yet must visit tourist attractions in Churachandpur. Located in the Ngaloi village amidst abundant greenery, the Ngaloi Falls is imposing and fascinating. The Ngaloi village is also known as Ngaloimoul.

Churachandpur photos, Ngaloi Falls - Ngaloi Falls
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Travel Talk

The Ngaloi village is located 9 kilometres from the district headquarters of Churachandpur and can easily be reached on taxis and buses. Since the Ngaloi Falls manages to attract many tourists, numerous vehicles are easily available. The trip to the waterfalls and back doesn’t take a day if you are not planning to spend too much time there. A few hours and tourists can easily come back to Churachandpur.

Tourists can enjoy a peaceful trip to the village and be surprised by the waterfalls. Many have spent hours watching the tranquil falls cascade down the rocks. The gushing sound of the water, the pleasantly beautiful location makes Ngaloi Falls peaceful.


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