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Ziro Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Ziro

  • 01Talley Valley

    Talley Valley

    Talley Valley in Ziro offers an adventure seeker with ample number of opportunities to rejoice every aspect of nature. It is famous for trekking and is an ideal tourist spot. The beautiful alpine forests and bamboo, orchid, rhododendron and fir trees create a visual treat for the tourists.

    The famous Talley Valley Wild Life Sanctuary is located 30 km away from Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated on a plateau. This wildlife sanctuary, as declared by the government of Arunachal Pradesh, is a home to many plants and animals as well as many endangered species.

    One of the rare species here is the clouded leopard. It has a natural botanical garden which has a large variety of exotic orchids. The Talley Valley comprises of almost 40% of the total flora and fauna of the country. Pange Camp is the entrance to the sanctuary.

    Rivers like Karing, Sipu and Subansiri flow through the sanctuary. One can visit during the agricultural season between February and October to experience the vibrant and unique colours of nature in the whole world.

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  • 02Shiva Lingam Kardo Forest

    The Shiva Lingam of the Sidheswar Nath Temple, 25 ft in height and 22 ft in width is located 4 km away from the town of Hapoli in the Kardo forests. This giant Lingam was discovered in the sacred month of Shravana, during which lord Shiva is worshipped according to the Hindu calendar.

    It was found in July 2004. According to the sources a Nepalese while cutting a tree discovered the Lingam. A large number of devotees visit and pray to the god of power throughout the year. Local people have immense faith in the powers of the lord, and they worship every day in the temple. Many tourists visit every year to watch this wonder.

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