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  • 01Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

    The Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is a nature park in North Sikkim which is located at an altitude between 3048 m and 4575 m in the Yumthang Valley. The park has about 49 various species of the state flower Rhododendron and many varieties of ground flora like Poppies, Saxifrages, Potentillas, Aconites, Primulas and Gentians.

    You can also find a few endangered species of animals like the tiger-civet here. It is a beautiful sight when the Rhododendrons are in full bloom, covering and colouring the 33 hectare park that starts from Chamzomei to the Lava Pass.

    During this season the whole area looks as beautiful as Switzerland. The sanctuary is also home to the blood pheasant - the state bird of Sikkim. The best season to visit the sanctuary is during the months of April and May. The sanctuary is near to Yumthang hot springs, which is also a place of interest in Sikkim.  

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  • 02Shiv Mandir

    Shiv Mandir

    The Shiv Mandir of Yumthang is situated about 6 km ahead from the heart of the town. To reach this shrine one has to trek or drive through the way which could make an extremely interesting journey.  

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  • 03Yumesamdong


    Yumesamdong is located 16 km ahead of Yumthang. Perched at an elevation of 16,000 ft, it is all of beautiful sceneries. And to see the place at its best, the best time to visit it is in between November and December and February and March. One can enjoy a wonderful view of the beautiful mountains during these months.  

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  • 04Seven Sisters Waterfalls

    The Seven Sisters Waterfalls is present about 32 km away from Gangtok and is a major tourist attraction at Dzongu. And to aid the tourists' interests, the Sikkim Tourism and Civil Aviation Department has put at the place, a cafeteria and a sheltered place to rest at from where, the visitors can take pictures of the enchanting waterfalls.

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  • 05Hot Springs

    Hot Springs

    Yumthang is renowned for its therapeutic hot springs and is a renowned tourist spot. The hot spring of Yumthang is located close by the Yumthang village and the hot water here is rich with sulphurated hydrogen.

    For the convenience of the visitors, there is a hut with two pools full of water from the hot springs. This particular hot spring is close by the pedestrian bridge of Lachung river. There is yet another hot spring located about 25 km ahead of Yumthang called the Yume Samdong hotspring. It is situated at the base of Donkia La Pass.

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  • 06Rhododendron Blooms

    Yumthang is a beautiful place in itself. But there is something that makes it all the more beautiful. What could that be? The bright and beautiful state flower rhododendron which blooms in bunches during April and May every year.

    Also, there is the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary that showcases as many as 24 different varieties of the Rhododendron flowers. Thus, with the valley being beautifully dressed with the vibrant flowers during these months, it is good for the nature lovers to visit the place during the time.

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