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Yanam Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Yanam

  • 01Grand Mosque

    Grand Mosque

    Grand Mosque was originally constructed in 1848 on land that the French Government had donated for its construction. The temple has been renovated and demolished and reconstructed many times over the course of the years. The first remodelling of the mosque was done in the year 1956. In the year 1978 the mosque was completely demolished and a new one was built in its place.

    The last act of remodelling happened in the year 1999-2000, when the mosque was rebuilt into the Grand Mosque it is today. Presently, the mosque has the capacity to accommodate around 200 persons during the time of prayer.

    Bakrid, Ramzan and Milad un Nabi are the functions that are celebrated with great grandeur in this mosque. People from nearby villages in Andhra Pradesh like Thallarevu, Kolanka and Sunkarpalem come to the mosque to pray. It is an attraction that should not be missed when in Yanam.

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  • 02St. Ann's Catholic Church

    St. Ann's Catholic Church

    St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Yanam was built by the Catholic French rulers in the year 1846, with the foundation stone being laid by Father Michel Lecnam. He, however, did not live to see the church built and a culvert has been installed in his memory in the Church. Most of the furniture and other decorations were imported from France.

    Close to the church are two hill temples, one built by the French rulers of Yanam and the other built by the English engineers. The temple is an important place of worship in Yanam and a place that should be visited once at Yanam. It is an excellent example of French architecture of that time period.

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  • 03Sivalayam


    Sivalayam or the Lord Sri Rajarajeswara Temple at Yanam is one of the most important places of worship there. It was built in the 15th century by King Rajamahendravaram of the Chalukya dynasty. The temple is noted for the ornate sculptures that date to this period. The temple is located on the banks of the Atreya Godavari river, also known as the Corangi river.

    The most important festivals celebrated in this temple are Kalyanotsavam and Rathostavam. The festival of Kalyanotsavam is celebrated during the month of Magha which comes during the January-February period.

    Lord Sri Rajarajeswara is adorned as a bridegroom and taken out on a procession through the streets. Rathotsavam is also part of this festival when the Lord is taken out of the temple in all ritualistic splendour on massive chariots that are pulled by devotees.

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