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  • 01Doyang Hydro Project

    Doyang river had been a popular destination with the tourists visiting Wokha, but in the recent years, the Doyang Hydro Project has become one of the biggest tourist attractions for people visiting the town of Wokha. The 75 MW hydro power project, which is being constructed over the Doyang river has become famous for some of the breathtaking views that it offers.

    This dam and reservoir is located 38 km from the town of Wokha and offers an exciting scenic tour. You can easily get sight of the dam from the hilltop of some villages of Wokha. If you feel the rush of adrenaline in your system this can be one of the most adventurous places of visit. You can trek to the reservoir from the hill top through some dense forest cover. On the way you will catch a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna of this place.

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  • 02Liphanyan Governor's Camp

    Liphanyan Governor's Camp

    Located in the foothills of the Wokha district and on the outskirts of the Wokha town is the Liphanyan Governor’s Camp which is an ideal spot to go for trekking and angling. This spot can also be reached from Dimapur which is located 43 km away. At a distance of 43 km from Dimapur, this place with the river Doyang flowing nearby is an ideal spot for rafting, angling and picnics.

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  • 03Mount Tiyi

    Mount Tiyi

    Situated at an altitude of 1969 m above sea-level, Mount Tiyi is the most popular tourist attraction in the town of Wokha. According to the local legends there was once an orchard in this peak which could only be seen by the lucky ones. Today colourful Rhododendrons are found all around the cliff making it quite a treat to watch.

    The Lothas, Semas and Aos tribes also believe this place to be a repository of their ancestors’ souls. This peak offers a panoramic view of the villages and the valley below which seem like a green canvas painted with tiny houses.

    Watching the sunset atop this peak is a must as the experience is unmatched. Mount Tiyi is also an excellent place for adventurous activities such as trekking and rock climbing. Many tourists come here to experience rock climbing activities during the summer months when the rocks are dry and ideal for these activities.

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  • 04Tostu Cliff

    Tostu Cliff

    During your visit to Wokha you must visit Mount Tostu and the Cliff alongside, which is situated at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level and offers a splendid view of the valley below. According to the local folklore this cliff is believed to be guarded by a giant snake and a crab. This place is about 25 km from the Wokha town.

    It is an ideal place for rock climbing and attracts tourists from around the world who come here to take part in rock climbing adventures. There is a base camp constructed in the base of the mountain by the Tourism Department.

    There are small lakes and other water bodies at the foothill of the mountain which add to the beauty of the place. One of these lakes is believed to be the home of a Naga legendary mortal called Nsantbung who is believed to have married the lady spirit of the lake.

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  • 05Vankhosung


    If you want to witness the seeds of Christianity in Wokha you need to visit Vankhosung which is located about 4 km from the Wokha town. This place is situated on the north of the Wokha town and on the foothill of the legendary Mount Tiyi.

    Here you will come across the mission compound of Kyon Baptist Ekhumkho Sanrhyütsü (KBES). The first American Baptist Mission activity started from this very place in 1923 which makes it very important for the Christians in Wokha.

    Kyon Baptist Ekhumkho Sanrhyütsü is involved in a lot of activities such as education and healthcare in Vankhosung and has already started work working on a college for the people of this area.

    Vankhosung is a scenic place with mountain peaks, valleys and greenery all around. Visiting this place gives you a chance to interact with the people and know more about their life culture and beliefs.

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  • 06Doyang River

    Doyang River

    Doyang river is one of the largest and most prominent rivers in Nagaland which flows through the Wokha district about 21 km from the town. It is also known as the Dzu or Dzulu by the local tribes. The river has many tributaries with Tsui, Tullo and Tishi being the largest of all which merge with the Doyang river.

    This originates in the north of the district before turning eastwards and finally meeting the Saju river. The river is one of the major sources of water for people in different parts of the district. Along with river Saju, it makes the downstream extremely fertile with vegetables and fruits such as banana, pineapple and papaya being abundantly grown.

    The river valley has some impressive locales which are ideal for nature lovers. This river enters into Zunheboto district from Wokha before going further downstream and falling into Dhansiri river of Assam valley.

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  • 07Tokhu Emong festival

    Tokhu Emong Festival is among the biggest festivals in Wokha. The nine day post-harvest festival of the Lotha Tribe is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. The tribe rejoices the fruit of its hard work with the end of labour period of harvesting in this festival. During the festival the men and women dress up in their colorful traditional attire and there is a sense of unity and brotherhood all around.

    It is the time when the people of the community show respect and gratitude to each other. If you want to experience Naga tradition from up-close Tokhu Emong Festival is among the best chances to do so. The festival is held in the first week of November each year and you will be treated with traditional songs and dances.

    Don’t forget to try out the Naga delicacies made out of different types of flesh which are famous for their exquisite taste.

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  • 08Water Pool

    Water Pool

    In the heart of the Wokha town and adding sparkle to lives is a water pool which is known as the Etsüchukha and this is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on. This water still serves as a main source of water for the residents besides adding to the beauty of the town. This water pool has been famous since the time of the British who first fetched water from the lake when they set up their administration in Wokha.

    For any tourist visiting Wokha, a walk around the Etsüchukha water pool is highly recommended as you will witness greenery all around and get mesmerized in the beauty of the place. The bow shaped lake is also surrounded by many rare orchids which are unique to this place adding to the beauty. On a sunny day the entire lake sparkles offering an awesome picture to show your friends and family when you return home.

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