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  • 01Bindu Dam,Bindu

    Bindu Dam

    Much is said about the road to Bindu Dam than about the dam itself. The dam is situated on River Jaldhaka. The rubber plantations and the river make for a beautiful sight and offers photographers a lot of room to experiment.

    While on the way to Bhutan from Bindu, don’t forget to stop for a few minutes and take in the serenity before proceeding. Winter in Bindu is amazing as snow clad mountain peaks treat the eyes. Other than these peaks, there are many other mesmerising scenic views which are visible only during winterv months. Jaldhaka Hydel Project gets is supply of water from Bindu Dam.

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  • 02Calcutta High Court,Kolkata

    This majestic red and white building built in the mid-1800s is a site frequently visited by tourists. It is a building remnant of typical colonial architecture and offers tourists a trip back in time. The structure is actively used and is immaculately maintained.

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  • 03Baradebi Bari,Cooch Behar

    Baradebi Bari

    The name of this temple roughly translates to the shrine of 12 Goddesses although this explanation has been open to debate. Dussera and Durga Puja celebration at this temple is not to be missed. The way the temple is decked up for the celebrations and the prayer ritual is a once in a lifetime experience. Surprisingly, this temple features signs of European architecture.

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  • 04Birchandrapur Temple,Tarapith

    Birchandrapur Temple

    Known as the birthplace of Nityananda Swami, who is widely acclaimed as one of the proponents of the Baisnav religion, this temple is known for its typical hexagonal shape. It is over 300 years old and attracts pilgrims by the thousands every year. It is close to an ISCKON temple and is around 10 km from Tarapith city centre. The temple is over 300 years old.  

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  • 05Biharinath Hill,Bishnupur-West Bengal

    Biharinath Hill

    Biharinath hill is named after the temple here that is visited by many pilgrims throughout the year.

    The temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva features a different ambiance and atmosphere, which is quiet, serene and a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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  • 06Cooch Behar Royal Palace / Rajbari,Cooch Behar

    The first tourist attraction that strikes a visitor is undoubtedly the Rajbari or the Royal Palace. The massive brick and white coloured building is awe inspiring.

    This used to be the residence of the maharajas back in the day, ones who were responsible for planning Cooch Behar the way they did, well ahead of its time. Later on, the Rajbari was used by the British Empire. Today it has been converted to a museum that speaks and exhibits volumes about the town’s history.

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  • 07Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary,Birbhum

    Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary

    Adventure enthusiasts get ready for a treat. Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary features wildlife at its best with blackbucks and spotted deer being the predominant animals.

    To add to this list are jackals, foxes and a whole lot of aquatic birds. For casual holiday tourists, Ballabhpur is a great way to spend an evening with family and friends, especially kids.

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  • 08Baneswar Siva Temple,Cooch Behar

    The Baneswar Siva Temple is situated 10 km away from Cooch Behar. It is famous for two rather peculiar things. Located 10 ft below the temple is a Shiv Ling that people come to worship from all over the country.

    The temple also features a pond nearby with a huge number of turtles which are also worshipped as part of the rituals. The campus comprises of 2 separate shrines and the idols within the temples are carried back and forth depending on the time of the year. Hence, the name, movable Baneswar.

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  • 09Avani Riverside Mall,Howrah

    Avani Riverside Mall

    Avani Riverside Mall is well within driving distance of Howrah town centre. It is a place to head to if one is looking to shop for brands and contemporary items. The mall features a multiplex which screens new movies. It also features a large atrium which is a great place to hang out and chomp on a bag of popcorn.

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  • 10Birla Industrial And Technological Museum,Kolkata

    Keeping with the Birla’s interest in technology in India, this set of exhibits, inaugurated in 1959, features some old technological wonders of India, like steam engines, gramophones, sound recorders, telephones and road rollers, including a one of a kind Rolls Royce Phantom 1 maintained in pristine condition.

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  • 11Cactus Nursery,Kalimpong

    As unusual a concept as it may sound, a cactus nursery actually has a lot to offer to Kalimpong tourists. The compelling factor is the cost, which is just around 20 Indian Rupees. The caretakers have managed an impossible task by maintaining cactus plantation outside their natural habitat.

    Photographers are in for a time of their life here, and one must visit this plantation on their trip to Kalimpong. One can also purchase a few samples, which are up for sale and are very reasonable. The owners of the plantation also offer accommodation in the premises for free.

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  • 12Batasia Loop And War Memorial,Darjeeling

    Built to honour the freedom struggle and the various wars fought post-independence, the War Memorial coincides with a very important hairpin turn the toy train makes. An awe-inspiring view of the Kanchenjunga range along with a small market selling locally produced goods makes for a perfect way to spend an hour or so. Don’t forget to take your cameras along.

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  • 13Cable Car,Darjeeling

    About 3 kilometres out of town is a majestic ropeway that takes you from Darjeeling to Rangit Valley. Singla Bazaar is on the other end and tourists enjoy travelling over the clouds and enjoying awe-inspiring views of the tea gardens below. A trip to Darjeeling is incomplete without a ride on the cable car which just happens to be one of India’s oldest ropeways. 

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  • 14Alipore Zoo,Kolkata

    Alipore Zoo dates back to the British era and has been frequented by tourists for years. The park’s beauty is awe-inspiring and makes for an ideal canvas for photography enthusiasts and a perfect afternoon family getaway especially on a light monsoon afternoon. The park was recently acclaimed for keeping a turtle that reportedly lived for over 250 years.

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  • 15Bandel Church,Hooghly

    Dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Rosario, this church was built by the Portuguese in the 1600s. Known also as the Basilica of the Holy Rosary, it is a benchmark in Bengali history. Coincidentally, the establishment of this church coincides with the year Queen Elizabeth sanctioned the establishment of the East India Company.

    The church is frequented by tourists from all over the world and holds great architectural value. It is very well preserved and comprises of three altars, a playing organ and a signature ship’s mast at the entrance.

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