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Story of the "Black Taj Mahal

Do you know about the story of the "Black Taj Mahal"? Here is the brief..
Yes! A second, black-marble Taj Mahal was being planned by Emperor Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan had planned to build a mirror image of the Taj Mahal he built for Mumtaz, albeit in black, on the other side of the river and connect the two by a bridge.
Some scholars believe that Shah Jahan had never meant for himself to be buried along with his wife but was planning something immense.
This Black Taj was to be devoted to Shah Jahan himself. So the idea was it should be slightly bigger in size so that if anyone looks from the front they will see a black border to the white existing Taj Mahal, which will basically be the Bigger black Taj.
In whatever undeveloped state the Black Taj Mahal existed, no real evidence seems to exist.
The exact status of the mysterious Black Taj Mahal is impossible to discover now.
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