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Some lesser-know facts about Mysore

Mysore, officially Mysuru, is a city in the southern part of the state of Karnataka, India
Mysore has one of the oldest libraries in India, ‘Oriental Research Institute’
Oriental Research Institute
The current state Karnataka was known as Mysore till 1973.
Indian Navy Warship “INS Mysore” which was launched In June 1993 has been named after the city Mysore.
Mysore is the second-largest software exporter in Karnataka
Mysore Zoo is the oldest zoo in India.
Mysore Zoo
Mysore was one of the first cities in Asia to undertake planned urban development
In 1935 M.V. Gopalaswamy from Mysore started the first private radio broadcasting station in India in Mysore.
radio broadcasting station
Mysore University and Mysore Medical College were the first universities and medical colleges of Karnataka to be set up in 1916 and 1924 respectively
Mysore was the first city to publish weekly newspapers in Kannada in 1859
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