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Simple Tips And Tricks For Booking Cheap Flight Tickets In India

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vignesh babu
From reserving seats to small water bottles, a plane trip can compel you to spend more than you intend to. Nevertheless, if you can save money on flight bookings, then it will surely give you a head start for a better vacation.
Often the most cliched thought is the oblivious one. However, booking flights well in advance is always the right way to approach a business or leisure trip.
Book your ticket 30 days before a trip
You can beat the system by using an incognito window, that will not reveal your multiple visits to the booking portal. Thus, the price will remain the same for your benefit.
Search for flights using incognito mode
The detailed information that you may find on the portal will ensure you get better offers and save money.
Compare prices with other booking portals
Bonus hack- not many travel on weekdays, consequently making airfares cheap. So, pack your bags and parade on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
Browse for the flight tickets on weekdays
Be it iPhone, Android, or other computer apps, it provides tons of options to set alerts for the flight that you want.
Use technology; use apps
Don't spend an arm for a burger or a sandwich; instead, you can be smart and carry some snacks or lunch from home.
Baggage and food tips to save money
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