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Most Famous Snake Temples In India

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Ayu Verma
Dedicated to Lord Nagaraja, the king of serpents, this is the most famous temple of snakes in India.
1) Mannarsala Temple, Kerala
Situated in the outskirts of Bhuj in Gujarat this temple is famous for its Naag panchmai fair held every year.
2) Bhujang Naga Temple, Gujarat
Dedicated to the gods of serpents, lord Subramanya, Lord Vasuki and Shesha, it is believed that visiting the temple helps to get rid of Sarpa Dosha.
3) Kukke Subramanya Temple, Karnataka
Situated in Tirunageswaram, Nagannathaswamy temple is dedicated to lord shiva, who is assiciated with snakes.
4) Nagannathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu
Temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, in the form of Lord Subramanya. Devotees can witness golden color snakes.
5) Agasanahalli Nagappa, Bengaluru
Situated in the Nagercoil town, the temple is dedicated to two main gods, Krishna and Nagaraja.
6) Nagaraja Temple, Tamil Nadu
Sheshnag is also known as the king of snakes to whom this temples is dedicated.
7) Sheshnag Temple, Jammu & Kashmir
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