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Mandi – An Unexplored Gem Of India

Here is a complete travel guide for Mandi tour.
vignesh babu
With abundant green, tall pine trees and snow-clad mountain peaks, Mandi has fascinated tourists for centuries. Besides its natural bounties, it is the first heritage city in Himachal Pradesh, hosting many old Palaces with Colonial architecture.
Places To Visit In Mandi
Prashar Lake
Its lush green valleys, interspersed by rivers and lakes offer one of the best scenic views and acts as an ideal visual retreat.
Bhutnath Temple
Bhutnath Temple is as old as the town itself. Known for its religious prominence, tens of thousands of people flock into Bhutnath Temple every year.
Pandoh Dam
Since it is located amidst the best scenic views and far away from human activity, Pandoh Dam offers much-required serenity and tranquillity to the tourists and travellers.
Rewalsar Lake
The mixture of water, woodland and hills at this stunning lake here exemplify the wilderness of nature and are indeed a sight to behold.
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