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Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary – The Marvel Of Mizoram

Here is a travel guide that will provide you with valuable information about the things to do!
Sunlight dappling through towering Alpine forests and grasslands filled with stunning pools, Khawnglung wildlife sanctuary brings to mind the raw wilderness of the tropical veld.
Things To Do In Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary
Explore Native Animal Exhibits
When you visit Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, you have an opportunity to see many native wildlife like leopard, goral, tiger, slow loris, and red serow, to name a few.
Hiking trails
Situated at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level, it offers one of the best views in and around Mizoram. And it is one of the highest points in the greater Mizoram area on two miles trail.
Bird Watching
Depending on the season, grey sibia, grey peacock, white-naped yuhina, and oriental pied hornbill look back at you from their enclosures.
Witness The Rich Vegetation Around The Sanctuary
Explore the far retreats of the sanctuary and witness a panoramic view of landscapes filled with vegetation and grasslands.
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