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Kabini - A Land Beyond The Ordinary

vignesh babu
Located on the banks of the Kabini River in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, this paradise is renowned for its rich flora and fauna, set amidst the famed Nagarhole forest.
This immaculate wildlife destination offers best accommodations, jungle safaris, treks, boating, and other fun activities for tourists; yet it maintains a delicate balance with nature. Whatever is on your tour itinerary, you will find a perfect fit in Kabini.

Things To Do In Kabini

Safari drives in Nagarhole National Park
With so many things happening around in the forest reserve, one can barely think of anything else. And without any doubt, safari drive is one of the best things to do in Kabini.
Elephant ride
Controlled by a mahout or elephant handler, tourists can ride on an elephant, along a terrain to spot the best wildlife activity thriving in and around the Kabini forest reserve.
Trekking is the best stress-busting and refreshing activity to do when in Kabini. Kabini showcases an array of smooth rolling and cloud touching hills. It offers isolated yet lush green hills for trekking.
Bird watching
Kabini is a perfect paradigm where nature meets human. Follow bird trails and be awe-inspired by the musical notes and colours these nature dwellers showcase.
Boat ride
Take part in a boat ride and be totally oblivious to the urban callings, while you hold hands with your soulmate and partake in an endless conversation in the backdrop of scenic beauty.
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