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Interesting Facts For a Traveler's Soul

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Ayu Verma
France witness the highest number of time zones and that is a total of 12.
Time Zone
There are a total of 300 libraries in Edinburgh wherein the total population is just half a million!
Surprisingly not Egypt but Sudan has the maximum number of pyramids. Egypt has 118 and Sudan has 220 in total
Papua New guinea has total of 820 spoken languages which makes it a country having most spoken languages in the World.
Seven years behind from rest of the world is the calendar of Ethiopia. Literally!
Behind the Time Calendar
USA boasting a total of 741 roller coasters in total holds a title of having most number of Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks
Do you know which country has world's longest coastline? Yes Its Canada having 243,042 km of coastline including mainland and offshore 
Hawaii is officially known as the best place on the planet to see a rainbows
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