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How Vacation Expectations Can Ruin Your Trip!

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vignesh babu
Vacation expectations are similar to expectations for an interview; in a sense, they are disappointing and frustrating when they don't go according to our plan.
Likewise, during a vacation, the moment our expectations meet anti-climax, we wish we could check out.
Somedays it goes according to the plan and other days it can be a slump. However, it is vital to know why we have such expectations in the first place.
Here are a few reasons why we feel let-down even after visiting our dream destination
Love it or hate it, but in today's world, social media is omnipresent - millions, if not billions, bank on social media for news, entertainment, and travel information.
OTT Social Media
It is natural to desire for a similar experience. However, these implicit promises give us a false sense of expectations. And these expectations are barely met in reality.

They naturally share good vacation experiences, some actual incidents and a few pure fantasies. As fun and vital, their narrations may sound, they innately create expectations in our mind.
Friends And Colleagues
Somehow unknowingly driven by these expectations, we try to recreate those experiences. Unfortunately, it is not possible to live someone else's experience.
After a year-long hard and routine work, it feels refreshing to go on a vacation. And once the course is set, we slowly start exercising our imagination. We read countless reviews and also call our friends to burst our travel news.
Mind Games
It brings so much joy, right! But of course, our expectations will let us down. The things will never pan out completely according to our plan.
The Way Forward
It is fine to anticipate a destination joyfully. However, we should evaluate our expectations and understand that nothing is ever as it appears.
Having an open mind and being flexible is the right way to approach vacation. Letting go of expectations will help you have an authentic travel experience.
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