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Hajo - The Pride Of Assam

We offer you a complete travel guide for Hajo tour.
vignesh babu
Hajo is an archaic city located about 24 km away from the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. It is a famous pilgrimage centre for the three main religions of India; Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists.
With umpteen number of temples, mosques and pagodas, Hajo welcomes people from all walks of life. Besides the spiritual places, Hajo also boasts many natural bounties that will you in awe with the site.
Places To Visit In Hajo
Hayagriva Madhava Temple
Legend has it that Lord Buddha is believed to have attained Nirvana at this spiritual abode. Therefore, this site is also a sacred hotspot for various Buddhists monks.
Hajo Powa Mecca
The burial chamber of Pir Giasuddin Auliya, a pioneer of Islam, is found here. It was created by Mir Lutufullah-i-Shiraji in 1657, during the rule of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan.
Kedareswar Temple
Located atop the Madanachala Hill in Hajo, this Shiva temple is believed to be one of the oldest temples in the Indian subcontinent.
Joy Durga Temple
Joy Durga Temple is one of the popular sacred places for Hindu devotees. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess with ten hands, Durga.
Kamesware Temple
In later part of the history, it was changed into a Shiva temple. The Shiva Linga present in the vicinity of Kamasware temple resembles the one in Kedarnath.
Hiker's Paradise