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Great Weekend Getaway Ideas For Female Travellers

Here is a handful of weekend getaway ideas for female travellers in India; from far-flung expeditions to cool experiences.
vignesh babu
Plan A Trip To Rishikesh
You are headed for some of the best experiences of your life. Rishikesh is a travelling treat that offers diverse experiences, all in the middle of the breathtaking Himalayas.
Explore The Lesser-Known Island In Kollam
The weather is delightful, and if you're looking to sit back, relax and reinvigorate, Kollam is the place to do it. As a female traveller, it's easy to meet people on travel or while island hopping or sightseeing.
Witness Multi-Hued Sunrise On Nandi Hills
You can camp at night and stay awake, till the morning sun greets you back. Nandi Hills is a regular weekend destination for the residents of Bangalore and people from around Bangalore!
Sit back And Relax Amid Natural Bounties
Coorg is one of the best places in Karnataka which offers many natural bounties along with lip-smacking authentic cuisine.
Seek Blessings At The Renowned Golden Temple
Amritsar boasts an entirely different vibe for female travellers, despite being crowded. The city holds great spiritual and historical importance and therefore, a visit to Amritsar is a must.
Discover The Charm Of Kodaikanal
Boating in Kodaikanal lake or venturing into the famous Guna Cave, and rather take a walk in the pine forest or head to the Echo Point to relish the bird's eye view of the imposing landscapes.
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