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Gangotri - Truly A Hiker's Paradise

Here is a complete travel guide for Gangotri tour.
vignesh babu
Gangotri, situated on the banks of River Bhagirathi in Uttarakhand, is renowned for being a Hindu pilgrimage. From river flowing by its routes to tallest mountains soaring up in the sky, Gangotri allures tens and thousands of people every year.
Due to its elevation, weather, roads, landscapes, and shrines, this town has become one of the most popular tourist spots in India. Gangotri will give you the time and space to introspect and reimagine everything in this world.
Places To Visit & Things To Do In Gangotri
Camp at Dayara Bugyal
The aerial view from this high altitude meadows is a sight to behold. Dayara Bugyal is one of the biggest attractions in and around Gangotri.
Taste the purest form of freshwater at Gangotri Glacier
The water that feeds the major part of the Ganges is said to be extremely pure and therapeutic. And it is said to be in its purest form since its inception, and it is believed to remain pure for thousands of years to come.
Go trekking up the rolling hills to see Kedar Lake
And if you happen to be seeking the best of nature, Kedar Lake is tailor-made for you. From scenic trekking trails to exotic bird watching, this place is quite a paradise.
Witness the epitome of nature's magic in Harshil
Located a mere 25 km from Gangotri, Harshil offers mesmerizing landscapes and enchanting lakes. It is beautiful beyond words; you must witness it to believe it.
Relax and unwind at Dodital
Not only does this surreal lake offer tall pine trees, but also perfect postcard views of snow-clad landscapes and azure blue sky.
Valley of Flower