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Gadag - The Lesser-Known Tourist Destination In Karnataka

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It was formed in 1997 when it bifurcated itself from Dharwad district. Gadag is an ancient city that boasts a rich Indian history with fascinating archaic architectural structures and temples.
Gadag is also home to Magadi Bird Sanctuary; you can spot 80 to more species of birds here. Consequently, offering a much-required visual treat to all bird watchers.
Places To Visit In Gadag
With 50 plus ancient temples located in and around Gadag, it is a must-visit for history buffs or anybody who has an interest in architecture. Besides temples,
This glasshouse is said to host many exhibits, meetings, programme and also flower shows. The glasshouse has a well-maintained garden area to sit back and relax, and a playground for kids, to have a gala time.
Indira Glasshouse
This is a well-renowned Math, and it is said that the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi paid a visit to Siddharoodha Math; such is the popularity of this place.
Siddharoodha Math
Spreading across a mammoth 200 acres of land, Unkal lake hosts many popular recreational hotspots and activities for kids and adults.
Unkal Lake
It boasts four caves, out of which, three caves have temples dedicated to Hindu gods, and the other is home to a Jain temple.
Badami Caves
The fort represents the long last legacy of the Chalukyas and Pallavas. The entrance is decked with Nandi (Shiva's bull) welcoming tourists and travellers.
Badami Fort
Gangotri Story