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Famous Rivers In India And Their Stories

Learn more about the famous rivers in India and how they play an important part in our daily life.
vignesh babu
Every river has a story to tell and rivers in India cover millions of years. Rivers take birth in the form of glaciers on top of peaks and mountain.
Rivers map its course in the form of arteries to become lifelines of our planet. And just like animals migrating during a season or millions of people going on a pilgrimage; rivers have a journey and a story to tell.
Ganga or Ganges, rises in the Western Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand and depletes in the Bay of Bengal. It is regarded as the most sacred river in India.
Famed as 'River Ganga of South India' Godavari originates on Brahmagiri hills of the Western Ghats and ends in the Bay of Bengal. Godavari covers a mammoth 1465 Km, streamlining through the states of South India.
River Krishna is considered to be a boon to humans, as the influx of water on land, forms a large and high fertile delta in the west peninsula, supporting irrigation and farming.
River Narmada has many stories, and according to a fable, it is rumoured that Lord Shiva sat on the Amarkantak hill in Madhya Pradesh and profusely perspired to create Narmada river.
Chemayungdung glacier is the birthplace of Brahmaputra. It is one of the major rivers in Asia, covering 2,900 Km from the side of the Himalayas to Bangladesh.
Kaveri originates in the Western ghats in Karnataka. And flows 805 Km from the west peninsula to South India.
It covers 470 Km in length, channeling across Himachal and Punjab. Beas River further connects to Sutlej River and forms a major fertile delta supporting irrigation and facilities.
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