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6 Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android Users

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vignesh babu

These offline apps use phone's built-in GPS Radio (that works irrespective of the data) to find one's location and consequently, plot the required route on the map using the phone's memory.

Sygic Navigation Maps
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It is a free app and can be downloaded on the Play Store. This offline GPS navigation app for Andriod lets you download offline maps and provides information about your desired local destinations.
Genius Maps
CoPilot GPS
It is solely designed to assist drivers using cars and other vehicles. It is not meant for pedestrians. It offers accessible routes to avoid traffic, consequently helps you save time.
HERE WeGo app offers direction, car-sharing fares, transportation ticket fares and alerts you about the hotels, restaurants, gas stations and speed cameras.
MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps
When you install it, it prompts you to download maps from your phone's memory, as it doesn't have online maps inbuilt in the system.
It is free, useful and worth downloading. It offers staple features such as re-routing calculation, voice navigation and public transportation.
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