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10 Pro Tips To Take Better Travel Photos With Your Smartphone

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vignesh babu
You may have probably heard the expression, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Although that is true, your smartphone can enhance your photography skills with its features and options.
A smartphone is the best handy device there is to capture high-quality photos of untouched natural wonders.
Here are 10 Pro smartphone travel photography tips.
Avoid flash Yes!
Do not use flash. Flash creates a bright spot and shadow with an uncontrollable burst of light. Instead, use a torch or a LED light, it gives you a better display of the image to click pictures.
Stabilise your smartphone
Use a tripod if you want a high-quality photo. You can use a timer or your earpiece to control the photo feature without disturbing the ongoing process.
Use portrait mode for street pictures
Images are at its best when taken at eye level or from slightly above. Try using portrait mode when you want to take pictures of people on the streets.
Use the burst mode
Burst mode is one of the most used features on a smartphone. Use the shutter button to capture a motion picture. Once you do that, you will have many good photos to choose from.
Take candid pictures
Candid pictures create a sense of uniqueness. The more candid the pictures, the more you would feel connected to the location. Random pictures help you grow as an amateur photographer.
Try unique angles
Travelling provides you with an opportunity to see the world in a whole new way. It can be the vibe of the place or the culture. Instead of taking a mundane picture, try different angles to highlight the details.
Blur the background
Most of the smartphones have photo feature modes such as 'Live Focus,' 'Portrait' mode, or 'Near Far.' It lets you blur the background and focus more on the details that have to be highlighted.
Avoid filters
A real image adds more grace and uniqueness to the location. The more the filters are used, the more you would diminish the authenticity.
Clean the lens
Though it sounds naive, many forget to wipe the lens. A moment missed is a moment wasted. So, clean the lens and click the best picture you can.
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