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10 Personality Traits Of  An Avid Traveller

The goal of this webstory is to provide you with an insight into these 10 personality traits of an avid traveller.
They’re inquisitive
Newspapers, journals, tabloids, and documentaries are trivial for an avid traveller; they want to experience it first hand and see it with their own eyes.
If the situations change, they change with them. No more cabs tonight? No worries, they'll enjoy a night stroll!
They conform quickly
They don't make excuses
They plan their life in a way to make sure an outing is always possible, rather than anticipating for an "ideal" travel moment to fall in their laps.
They fall in love with spots, long before touring them and choose to see them with their own eyes.
They have an endless bucket List
They hardly ever get frustrated
Avid travellers manage to see the positive side of every situation. Even if they're having a disastrous day, they know it'll be a hilarious story in the future.
They might cherish their time with friends and family; however, nothing compares to traversing a new exciting destination!
They exercise their freedom
They have tons of stories to share
When you hear them saying "... so at that moment, the elephant was chasing me!" you know you're in for a treat! You can easily have an all-nighter discussing past journeys with an avid traveller.
Every veteran tends to downsize their backpack as they have the travel experience. And they know how to distinguish between the essential and the superfluous.
They (usually) travel light
They respect different cultures
Globetrotters understand how diverse each place in the world is - and they cherish it! They also know their limits and try their best to not fluster the locals or disregard their customs.
They tend to gobble everything, but even when theycomprehendthey don't like something, they'll eat it anyway. It might be so tasty that they'll change their mind!
They're not picky eaters
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