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10 Mobile Apps That Every Solo Traveller Should Download

Here are the top mobile travel apps for solo travellers, that is sure to aid you in a liberating and life-changing experience.


Backpackr is a mobile travel application for like-minded solo wanderers who are headed to the same destination. If you find a match on this app, you can exchange texts and arrange to meet up at the destination.


ChefsFeed app will suggest you the best restaurants and pubs so that you can indulge in food like a king. ChefsFeed was developed to promote Chefs, Sommeliers, and bartender.
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Meetup app helps you to meet like-minded residents of the destination you are travelling to. You can rub shoulders with the locals, and also explore the city with them if it is mutual.


What is a better way to get to know new locals than crashing at their pad? The Couchsurfing app lets solo travellers find an ideal place to stay. It offers filters such as gender, age range, and mutual friends.


A social network for travellers, Travello uses your travel interests to match you with other nomads flying solo. It's designed for a broad range of travellers, including urban tourists, backpackers, and gap-year adventurers.


Exclusively for women (of all ages), Tourlina helps women find travel companions. Just add your destination and travel dates, and the app will show you potential traveller partners.
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Connecting more than 130 countries, this mobile travel app will ensure a solo traveller enjoys a palatable local authentic meal at the destination.


SoloTraveller lets you make new friends on your trip by connecting you with other solo travellers in your city in real-time. It also assists you in saving money by pairing you with other like-minded solo travellers.


An alternative to Eatwith, BonAppetour helps travellers have great food experiences through in-home meals such as dinner parties, cooking classes, barbecues, and picnics.


Mend is more an ASMR app, that is meant to aid solo travellers who are going through a break-up. It helps them recover from the trauma through audio training provided by professional health experts.
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