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10 Best Places To Visit In North India In August

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vignesh babu
There are quite a few religious places and plenty of adventurous activities that make Rishikesh an ideal holiday destination in North India in August.
1. Rishikesh
Here, go for some gruelling treks, stroll the seminomadic villages nearby, and relish the awesomeness. Bir-Billing allows you to reach to the height and unveils plenty of unexplored treasures lying deep down in this quaint village.
2. Bir Billing
The finely scattered sun rays playing along the contours of sand make a pleasant sight as you contain every bit your mesmerizing trip at one of the best places to visit in August in North India.
3. Jodhpur
Sitting pretty at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, Pachmarhi lies beautifully entangled amid lush green nature, ancient caves, and waterfalls exuding beads of life.
4. Pachmarhi
Rajgir is a notified place that means the abode of kings (Rajgir- Rajgriha). The fact that Rajgir played host to Lord Mahavir and Buddha puts it closer to the hearts of Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains.
5. Rajgir
Dotted with casuarinas plantations along the coast, Digha also presents beautiful sunrise and sunset views to the romantic couples who flock to the place to especially catch the breathtaking shades of nature.
6. Digha
Nature trek, local tradition, and few sumptuous local cuisines on your platter make this place another alluring prospect where you could plan your next visit.
7. Lachen
Apart from animals, the birdlife in the park is also notable and birdwatching is another preferred activity there.
8. Manas National Park
Moonlit dinner with your partner is going to be a romantic experience for you. Spend your time visiting various monuments and forts in the place.
9. Jaisalmer
The green hills and pastures is a reason why Ziro is famous among photographers and nature lovers. Ziro is among those offbeat good places to visit in August in North India.
10. Ziro
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