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10 Best Places To Visit In India In August

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vignesh babu
The two previous months of drizzle and mizzle going into the August month, unequivocally would have transformed many tourist hotspots into natural havens. Therefore, it is the right time for people to traverse India with their loved ones.
In August, the Indian bio-diversity would be rich with choke-full of amazing flora and fauna and many of their activities would be at their prime beauty.

Here are 10 best places to visit in India in August!

Coorg is a small hill station in Karnataka. From May to January, this place is filled with lush vegetation, valleys, cool mountains, exotic collection of flora and fauna and many others.
August receives moderate rainfall and it is the best time to enjoy places like Table Land, Sydney Point, Venna Lake, and others.
Monsoon brings out many hidden and forgotten waterfalls. You can also find numerous fresh streams to enjoy during August.
The place will be very pleasant, the lake will be full and the climate will be misty. This is the right season for those who want some adventure vacation in Kodaikanal.
The hills will be green and best for exploring. The valleys and trekking routes will be lush for outdoor activities. This is one of the most scenic times to visit Nainital.
During the monsoon season, the place has mild showers, warm afternoons, misty mornings and foggy nights. Ooty is a hill station in Tamil Nadu.
Mount Abu
You can find a lot of diverse vegetation, green mountains and other nature elements in this hill station. Mount Abu is located in Rajasthan.
Mid-afternoons are the best for viewpoints, as you would have the comparatively clearer sky for panoramic views.
This is the ideal time to explore flower valleys, exhibitions, waterfalls, monasteries, and others. You ought to visit the Flower Exhibition Center of Gangtok if you are visiting in early August.
August, this is an ideal month to venture into the wilderness of Shimla. Moreover, the rains bring a dreamy look to the vacation.
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