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10 Best Places For Photography Tours In India

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Havelock Island
The administration focuses more on eco-tourism and the tourists are taken on elephant rides along the beach. Havelock Island is also known for adventure sports like snorkelling , scuba diving, etc.
Varanasi Ghats
Most ghats in Varanasi are for prayers and some are cremation sites. Both type of ghats are known for photography. These ghats are most colourful with many people, prayers and the river.
Sandakphu in Darjeeling is the highest point of Singalila Ridge. This small village is situated on the peak and is considered the 4th highest peak in the world.
Tsomoriri Lake
Tsomoriri Lake is in Ladakh, it is the largest high-altitude lake in India. Tsomoriri is a endorheic lake ( closed lake - no outflow of water) and is only accessible during summers.
Thar Desert
Thar Desert forms a natural border between India and Pakisthan. Also known as 'The Great Indian Desert' is a must visit place for photography in India.
Pamban Bridge
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It consists of many archaeological sites which depicts the art and architecture of that age. The monuments of Hampi are famous tourist places in Karnataka.
Chitrakote Falls
Chitrakote falls is located at Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh. This scenic water fall is also called as the 'Niagara Falls of India'. Indravati river falls from a height of 98 ft and specially during monsoon, Chitrakote falls is worth visiting.
Nubra Valley
This valley is meant for the photography tours in India. This cold desert is surrounded by Siachen Glacier, Karakoram Pass and Sasser Pass. The scenic valley is worth exploring with your camera.
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