Ramnagar Museum, Varanasi

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Located on the right banks of River Ganga the Ramnagar fort and the museum was the residential complex of Raja Balwant Singh, who built the fort in the 17th century.

Ramanagar was where rishi Ved Vyas of Mahabharata meditated. In fact, the place was originally named after him as Vyas Kashi. Ramnagar is very famous for the 31 day long ramleela that is performed during the months of September and October.

The museum boasts several beautifully carved balconies, magnificent pavilions and open courtyard. The Vidya Mandir part of the museum brilliantly represents that court as it existed during the time of the rulers. The museum has an interesting collection of items related to royalty including antique clocks, old armory, swords, old guns, vintage cars, and ivory work. You can also see medieval costumes, jewellery, and furniture belonging to the royal families.

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