Ramchura, Vaishali

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Located in the Vaishali block, Ramchaura is popular for the traces of Lord Rama’s feet. Lord Rama’s foot prints are etched on a stone when he halted at Ramchura to have a bath on his way to Janakpur. Hence this place is revered a lot by the devotees of Lord Rama and the devotion of the people towards this place is worth admiring.

Ramchura is one of the major Ramayana sites in Bihar. The birth of Lord Rama (Ram Navami) is celebrated with great zeal and religious fervor. This day is believed to mark the arrival of Lord Vishnu on the earth, who puts evil to an end and restores happiness and justice.

A lot of tourists turn up on the day to witness the beautifully decorated village. People observe a fast on this day and partake in religious customs.


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