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  • 01Licchavi


    This place was once the capital of Vaishali and had the parliament house where all the political discussions and legislative functions of the city were carried out. Licchavi has Raj Vishal ka Garh, which is a famous tourist spot, and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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  • 02Ashoka Pillar

    Ashoka Pillar

    Emperor Ashok, who had adopted Buddhism and devoted his life to spread its principles far and wide, built the Ashoka Pillar which is also called the Lion Pillar. Ashoka expressed his reverence and devotion by means of erecting an exceptional piece of art.

    The column is located at Kolhua and is made with a high-quality, single piece of red sandstone. It is surmounted by a bell shaped capital which 18.3 m in height. On the top of the pillar is a giant figure of a lion that has a dominating presence.

    The pillar is preserved with utmost perfection and is still intact. There is a small tank called Ramkund situated within the premises.


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  • 03Vaishali Museum

    Vaishali Museum

    Vaishali Museum displays antiques found during the excavation of ancient Vaishali. Established by the Archaeological Survey of India in the 1971, the museum showcases prized possessions of a Buddha sculpture belonging to Pala period in which he is adorned with a beautiful crown, splendid necklaces and other ornaments.

    There is a remarkable headless sculpture of Buddha in Bhumisparsha mudra. Amongst the exhibits is an extraordinary collection of antiques by a local villager, which belongs to the pre-independence era. These were donated to the museum.

    Sculptures of Vishnu and Uma Shankar are present in the museum and there are figures of human beings and animals like monkeys, snakes, horse, bulls, etc. The museum has over 2000 antiques showcasing the medieval cultures and the reign of Mauryas, Guptas, Kushans and Sanga.

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  • 04World Peace Pagoda

    Also known as Vishwa Shanti Stupa, World Peace Pagoda is truly an unique component of Vaishali tourism. This was constructed by Nipponzan Myohoji sect of Japanese Buddhists.

    The stupa symbolises peace. The admirable Fujii Guruji who dedicated his life for world peace wanted to have peace pagodas all over the world and Vaishali, according to him, was one of the apt places for establishing a shrine of peace.

    It is 125-feet-tall stupa with a dome, which has a diameter of 65 feet. The stupa enshrines the relics of Buddha at the base and is home to statues made of glass and fibre polished with gold. The stupa is located near the Coronation Tank and attracts a large number of tourists.

    It will always remain symbol of harmony and world peace keeping the principles of Buddha alive.

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  • 05Kutagarasala Vihara

    Kutagarasala Vihara is the famous monastery where Lord Buddha frequently lodged during his visits to Vaishali.

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  • 06Coronation Tank

    Coronation Tank

    Coronation tank is also known as Abhishek Pushkaran. It is a tank bordered by a lovely variety of shrubs and flowering trees. The tank was considered to be holy in the olden days and all of Vaishali’s representatives were expected to take a dip in the tank before they were sworn in.

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  • 07Ramchaura

    Located in the Vaishali block, Ramchaura is popular for the traces of Lord Rama’s feet. Lord Rama’s footprints are etched on a stone when he halted at Ramchaura to have a bath on his way to Janakpur. Hence, this place is revered a lot by the devotees of Lord Rama and the devotion of the people towards this place is worth admiring.

    Ramchaura, sometimes also called Ramchura, is one of the major Ramayana sites in Bihar. The birth of Lord Rama (Ram Navami) is celebrated with great zeal and religious fervour. This day is believed to mark the arrival of Lord Vishnu on the earth, who puts evil to an end and restores happiness and justice.

    A lot of tourists turn up on the day to witness the beautifully decorated village. People observe a fast on this day and partake in religious customs.

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  • 08Relic Stupa

    Relic Stupa

    The monument known as Relic Stupa was constructed to venerate the spiritual teacher who devoted himself to the selfless cause of spreading Buddhism across the world.

    Also known as the Stupa 1, it is one of the eight other Relic stupas that were built over the physical remains of Lord Buddha. It was originally found to be a stupa made up of mud with 8.07 diameter. As per the study, it belonged to 5th century BC.

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  • 09Ananda Stupa

    Ananda Stupa

    The Ananda Stupa is built to commemorate Ananda, the most well-known disciple of Lord Buddha. He is said to have taken a samadhi in the vicinity of the Anand Stupa and his mortal remains are enshrined in the stupa.

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  • 10Budhi Mai

    Budhi Mai

    Budhi Mai is one of the most admired sites of culture and has a great historical significance. It is a well-known place of worship located in Harauli, dedicated to the goddess Budhi Mai. The Budhi Mai fair attracts a huge number of tourists.

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