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  • 01Thangal Para

    Thangal Para is another remarkable tourist attraction in Vagamon. The place is famous for being a pilgrimage centre for the believers in Islam. There is a big spherical rock, where remains the tomb of Sheikh Fariduddin. Every year thousands of devotees visit this place during the Urs festival. According to local beliefs, a Sufi saint of Afghani origin lived here many hundred years ago. Nearby, there is a very old cave; it is said that our ancestors lived in this cave. Visit Thangal Para and walk through this ancient cave. You will be transported into another world where you will experience a thrilling life in the caves.

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  • 02Murugan Para

    Murugan Para

    Murugan Para lies around 8 km away from the pristine hill station of Vagamon. Murugan Para is a temple cut out from rocks. It is devoted to Lord Murugan. It lies on the eastern side of Kurisumala Hills. Every year, Murugan Para is visited by hundreds of devotees. Murugan Para is also a tourist favourite because of the way it is carved out of the rocks.

    According to some widely popular opinions, these carvings date back to the Stone Age. This place is an example of men’s effort to produce art from inanimate objects such as rocks and stones. Do not miss Murugan Para while you are holidaying at Vagamon.

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  • 03Kurisumala Ashram

    Kurisumala Ashram

    Kurisumala Ashram stands high on the Kurisumala hill. Kurisumala stays true to its name which means “Mountain of the Holy Cross” because of this ashram for the Nazrani Catholics and believers in Gandhian philosophy. It is visited by pilgrims of all religions and races.

    Good Friday is celebrated here with grandeur. During this time, the pilgrims carry a holy wooden cross and climb the hill. The ashram is also known for its generosity: it feeds many hungry mouths every day. Moreover, the Kurisumala Ashram does not permit food to be wasted by its residents and guests.

    Kurisumala Ashram has a large prayer hall. Devotees pray and meditate here. Near to the monastery lie numerous dairy farms that produce over 1500 l of milk every day. There are twelve sub-mounds on the Kurisumala hill, and the highest place is known as the ‘Resurrection Garden’.

    Apart from being a spiritual aspiration, this place is a tourist spot too for its scenic beauty as it is encompassed by tea gardens and lakes.

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  • 04Kurisumala Hill

    Kurisumala Hill

    Kurisumala Hill, also known as the “Mountain of the Holy Cross” stands 10 km away from Vagamon. This famous hill is an important pilgrimage centre for the Christians; it is also famous for the dairy farms that it houses. The Kurisumala Hill is enveloped with verdant green tea gardens and thick forests on each side that make the hill more appealing.

    You can view the Murugan Para from this hill. People from far and near come here for trekking, camping and paragliding. The Kurisumala Ashram which is situated here has many visitors. During the week of Good Friday, devotees climb Kurisumala Hill to reach the Ashram carrying the holy cross.

    On the way uphill, there is an old house built in European architectural style. There is a man-made lake beside this house. The house and lake were contrived by Laurie Baker. You will also see the dairy farms which are managed by the monks of Kurisumala Ashram and run by an Indo-Swiss Project.  

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  • 05Suicide Point

    Vagamon also prides in having a Suicide Point; it is called Moonpara. It is a gorge which is V-shaped. It is one of the beautiful locations in Vagamon. From this place, you can see the deep-seated valley below. The sight is full of awe. The depth of the valley appears like an abyss. Though trekking to the Suicide Point is a bit of a strenuous activity, it is a wonderful experience too, as the way to the summit is very pleasing and enchanting. The scenic beauty around and the breezy air will push you to go up. Once you are up there on the summit, the magnificent sight, and the cool and fresh air will make you forget about your tiring climb and will remain as a delightful memory.

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  • 06Mundakayam Ghat

    Mundakayam Ghat

    Mundakayam Ghat is located around 8 km away from the hill station of Vagamon. It is a panoramic place which is well known as a locale to watch the setting sun. Moreover, this place is famed as a place for birdwatching. This place also gives you a picturesque bird’s-eye view of the areas lying nearby. Mundakayam Ghat is a hot favourite amongst the nature lovers and shutterbugs. However, this place is also popular amongst the adventure seekers. A festival dedicated only to paragliding is organised here by the ASSTA (Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy). Vagamon is becoming quite famous in present times because of this paragliding activity held at Mundakayam Ghat.

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  • 07Vagamon Lake

    Vagamon Lake

    The Vagamon Lake is a picturesque place amidst three green knolls and lush green surroundings. The knolls are in fact well-trimmed lawns that bear bright and beautiful flowers. The hills at the backdrop further enhance the beauty of the lake. While visiting this hill station, tourists come here to unwind by going for a boat ride on this lake. You can also stroll on the knoll and beside the lake and enjoy the mesmerising landscape. The lake when viewed from the road appears to be enclosed by the three knolls. The Vagamon Lake is a beautiful place for picnics, outing and other leisure activities. You might catch a glimpse of your favourite actor at this place as it has been used for shooting song sequences of movies.

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  • 08Vagamon Falls

    Vagamon Falls is a small stream that springs up at a lake. The stream cascading down the ravine is a sight to see with the luxuriant knolls merging with the dense forests. The route to the fall is popular amongst the trekkers. What makes this waterfall of Vagamon distinct from others is not the height but the breathtaking view that encompasses it. The thick forest, the green hills at the backdrop and the lake where the waterfall originates are all a delight to the eyes. It is a nice place to wind off and forgot all your earthly worries. Include a visit to the Vagamon Falls and you will always remember your sojourn in Vagamon.

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  • 09Dairy Farm

    Dairy Farm

    The Dairy Farms are located on the way to Kurisumala Ashram on the Kurisumala Hills. The dairy farms are managed by the monks of the Kurisumala Ashram. These dairy farms function under an Indo-Swiss Project. The dairy farms were started as a means of support for the monks living in the Kurisumala Ashram. The founders of the Ashram soon brought cattle which were imported from the island of Jersey.

    A visit to these dairy farms is recommended while touring Vagamon. You will feel more close to nature in these farms because of the pristine environment.

    The ambience is that of an idyllic country-side, surrounded by verdant hills, untouched by the monotony of fast city life, and lastly blessed and protected by divine power.

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  • 10Trekking


    Trekking is recommended when you are in Vagamon. You can explore the plains draped in green with the various species of flowers and orchids. Stroll besides the meandering rivulets and eulogise the cascading waterfalls. Feel the cool water and feel yourself. Take refuge in the lap of Mother Nature by trekking in the woods.

    You are sure to get bewitched by the pristine surrounding. The landscape of Vagamon is excellent for trekking. It is perfect for other adrenaline-pumping adventures like paragliding, mountaineering and rock climbing. Trekking in Vagamon will rejuvenate you and fill you with cherishable memories of your sojourn in this extremely beautiful land for years to come.

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