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  • 01Kuteti Devi Temple

    Kuteti Devi Temple

    Kuteti Devi Temple is an ancient shrine located in Uttarkashi. The priest of the temple represents the 14th generation of the priests. There is an interesting story associated with the temple, which states that once the king of Kota lost his money bag on a pilgrimage to Gangotri. The king was very upset as he was unable to meet his expenses.

    The disheartened king returned to Uttarkashi and prayed at the Vishwanath Temple. He promised to marry his daughter to any suitable boy from the village, if his bag was found. Ultimately, his money bag with all the money was found by a priest of the temple. This made the king very happy, and he asked the priest to find a suitable match for his daughter.

    Soon, the princess was married to the boy chosen by the priest. However, the princess was unhappy as this alliance would take her away from the family deity ‘Kuteti Devi’. The princess and her husband both prayed to the deity for a suitable solution. Subsequently, the Goddess appeared in their dreams and told them that they can find ‘Her’ in their field in the form of a stone.

    Following their dreams, the princess and her husband found three stones with blissful aroma in their field. The Kuteti Devi Temple was built on the place where these stones were found.  

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  • 02Dayara Bugyal

    Dayara Bugyal

    Dayara Bugyal is situated at an elevation of 3048 m above sea level in Uttarkashi. The road to this beautiful meadow diverges from a place called Bhatwari, situated on the Uttarkashi-Gangotri Road. To reach Dayara Bugyal, travellers have to cover a distance of around 8 km by trekking from the Barsu Village, which visitors can reach by vehicles.

    During winters, tourists can enjoy skiing on the slopes of the region, which covers an area of around 28 sq km. This place also offers magnificent views of the mighty Himalayas. Additionally, tourists can avail camping facilities nearby a tiny lake. A trek to Dodital (a fresh water lake), which is situated at a distance of 30 km from Dayara Bugyal, is also popular among tourists.

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  • 03Nachiketa Tal

    Nachiketa Tal

    Nachiketa Tal is a beautiful lake, located at a distance of 32 km from Uttarkashi. The lake is surrounded by oak, pine and rhododendron, which further enhance the beauty of the place. It is believed that the lake was created by Nachiketa, son of sage Uddalak.

    Tourists can reach the Nachiketa Tal from Chaurangi Khal, which is located 29 km away from Uttarkashi. Tourists have to trek 3 km distance from Chaurangi Khal to reach Nachiketa Tal. Travellers must note that there is no accommodation facility in Nachiketa Tal and thus they have to stay either at Chaurangi Khal or Uttarkashi.

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  • 04Bhairav Temple

    Bhairav Temple

    Bhairav Temple is located in the chowk area of Uttarkashi, where according to a legend, around 365 temples were found. A Chinese traveller named Hiuen Tsang visited India in 629 AD and named this place the Brahma Pura. In the Hindu text Skanda Purana, the place finds mention as Varunavata.

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  • 05Dodital


    Dodital, located at an elevation of 3024 m above sea level, is a freshwater lake. This beautiful tourist destination is surrounded by lush greenery. The lake is famous for Himalayan trout and can be reached by trekking from Uttarkashi. Fishing can be enjoyed in the lake with the permission from the Divisional Forest Officer of Uttarkashi.

    Tourists can also reach the lake by trekking for 16 km from Angoda. Travellers can also reach Yamunotri and Hanuman Chatti from here by trekking.

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  • 06Har Ki Doon

    Har Ki Doon

    Har ki Doon is a picturesque valley situated at an elevation of 3556 m above sea level. It is considered as one of the most popular treks of the Garhwal Himalayas and is surrounded by beautiful pine forests and towering mountain peaks.

    This place is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and bird watchers. Besides, the trek from Netwar to Osla to Har ki Doon is quite popular among tourists. One of the prime attractions of the region is the Ruinsara Lake, which is situated at a distance of 8 km from Osla.

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  • 07Vishwanath Temple

    Vishwanath Temple

    Vishwanath Temple is one of the prominent religious sites of Uttarkashi and is located close to the bus stand. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva, and devotees can hear the recitation of mantras all the time. This shrine was built by King Gyaneshwar, while the trident of Lord Shiva was made by Guh.

    The base of this trident measures 8 ft and 9 inches, and its height is about 26 ft. Another popular religious site, the Shakti Temple (devoted to the Hindu Goddess Sati), is located opposite to the Vishwanath Temple.

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  • 08Shani Temple

    Shani Temple

    Shani Temple is situated in the Kharsali Village of Uttarkashi. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shani, who according to a legend is the brother of the Hindu Goddess Yamuna. The temple is perched at a height of 7000 ft above sea level.

    This five-storey temple is constructed using stone and wood. The wooden stilts used in the construction help in saving it from floods by keeping the temple above danger level. The bronze idol of Lord Shani is enshrined on the top floor.

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  • 09Phoku Devta Temple

    Phoku Devta Temple

    Phoku Devta Temple is situated in the Netwar Village alongside the Tons river, which is the largest tributary of the Yamuna river. Two of the other popular temples in the region are the Karna Mandir and the Duryodhan Mandir.

    The whole village is surrounded by beautiful pine, chir and deodar trees. Tourists have to travel to Chakrata from Tiuni, located on the Chakrata-Shimla Road, to reach the Netwar Village. A narrow path from this valley leads to an iron bridge, which takes travellers to the Phoku Devta Temple.  

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  • 10Karna Devta Temple

    Karna Devta Temple

    Karna Devta Temple is located in the Sarnaul Village of Uttarkashi. Travellers have to cover a distance of around 1.5 miles from Netwar to reach this village.

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  • 11Duryodhan Mandir

    Duryodhan Mandir

    Duryodhan Mandir is a beautiful shrine situated in the Saur village of Uttarkashi. This temple is devoted to Duryodhan, a mythological character of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata.

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  • 12Kapil Muni's Ashram

    Kapil Muni's Ashram

    Kapil Muni’s Ashram is located in a small village called Gundiyat, located at an altitude of 4500 m above sea level. It is a typical village of the Garhwal region, with black slate roofed houses and small windows. Travellers have to walk a little from the local bus stop to reach Kapil Muni’s Ashram.

    The ashram is dedicated to sage Kapil Muni, who meditated here to seek blessings from the Hindu Lord Shiva. Pleased by his prayers, Lord Shiva blessed the sage. Presently, a Shiva lingam (known as the Kapileshwar Mahadev) is enshrined at the spot where Lord Shiva appeared. Besides, travellers can also visit the Rama Temple, which is located 5 km away in the Rama Village.

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  • 13Shakti Temple

    Shakti Temple

    Shakti Temple is a renowned religious centre, situated close to the Vishwanath Temple. This temple is known for its trishul (trident), which is 6 m high. The circumference of the trishul is about 90 cm at the bottom. It is believed that the upper and the lower portion of the trishul are made of iron and copper, respectively.

    According to mythological stories, this trishul was used by the Hindu Goddess Durga to kill demons. Some of the other noted temples nearby are the Markandey Rishi Temple, Sakhsi Gopal Temple, Kuteti Devi Temple, Ganesh Temple, Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple and Koteshwar Mahadev Temple.

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  • 14Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering

    Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering

    Nehru Institute of Mountaineering was established on 14th November 1965 and was named after Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (the first Prime Minister of India), who was fond of mountains. It is one of the prime mountaineering institutes in India, which has gained recognition across Asia.

    As the name suggests, the institute offers training in mountaineering and other adventure courses to children and adults. It is ensured that environmental rules are duly followed during the training session, which helps in spreading awareness among people. The institute is managed by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and is registered under Act No.XXI of 1860.

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  • 15Maneri


    Maneri is a village located at a distance of around 2 km from Uttarkashi. This place has recently been developed as a tourist attraction. There is a dam built across the Bhagirathi river, which is a prominent tourist attraction of the village.

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