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Worst Air Passengers

By Ayanita Hore

Travelling by air is a common scenario nowadays. Either national or international we seek the help of flights for quick and safe travel. But does travelling through air always be a happy and pleasant one? Not necessarily...

Even if the flight takes off at the right time or the airport remains chaos free, we still can't ensure a satisfactory journey for ourselves. It happens mainly because of our co-passengers who give us company for maybe few hours or a day or two.

Let's have a look into worst kind of air passengers who might spoil your air travel and make it a worst flight experience for you.

Worst Air Passengers

Talkative passengers: They can spoil your peace of mind once they start talking. It might not make much sense to the one hearing it but overall it stands as a huge punishment.

Crying babies: Many passengers have passengers who cry and howl throughout the journey and make your air travel a pathetic one.

Sleeping sickness: These passengers will fall asleep as soon as they start their journey, and you cannot make out as to be a headrest for them or to bring them back from their dreamland.

Excess Cabin Luggage: Some air passengers carry so much cabin luggage, that it becomes inconvenient for the rest to adjust their ones.

Seat Recliners: Do these air passengers have same kind of seating arrangement at their residence? Without being considerate about their fellow travellers, they recline their seats to the maximum level and pose discomfort for others.

Fascination for reading lights: If emergency is in the air, we can't help. But many worst air passengers make you feel horrible by keeping the overhead reading light on. Though the lights are not call of the hour, your disturbance is surely guranteed.

Worst Air Passengers

Inconsiderate about Host or Hostess: Maybe such air passengers are travelling for the first time, but they can't maintain the basic ethics of a flight passenger. Many click their photographs while others land up in a brawl by disobeying the rules of a flight.

Stinky Passengers: This needs no mention at all! Nothing can be worse like sitting beside a smelly passenger and making your flight experience worse.

Need for Washroom: Now one can't avail the washroom until flight takes off and reaches a stable position. But some worst air passengers have an unnecessary demand of reaching out for washrooms making the attendents restless and spoiling the peaceful air travel.

Naturally bare feet: One can enjoy being bare feet at one's home but roaming in the aisle barefooted is something unacceptable. Many worst air passengers even have the habit of lifting their feet on the seats or the handle of other seats. What can be a worst flight experience than this?

Disobeying Rules: While on our air travel we often find those worst air passengers who love to disobey the basic rules of a flight journey. Like, there are passengers who close the window shades before the flight takes off and do not switch off their mobile and other gadgets during the travel.

And the worst part lies in the fact that some do not even tie the seat belts properly, making the entire atmosphere chaotic. We even come across some worst air passengers whose flights getting delayed, consider the airport premises as their home and indulge in having food at the basement itself.

So wishing all of you a happy, safe and pleasant air travel! Surely rescue yourself from these worst air passengers.

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