» »Sri Vishnumurthy Temple: Of Serenity and Mystery!

Sri Vishnumurthy Temple: Of Serenity and Mystery!

By Akshatha Vinayak

A peculiar aura draws our attention to some shrines that lay hidden amidst nature. A soulful journey to one such place is a must to experience the unknown. All we need is a small diversion from the famous Idagunji Ganapathi Temple to reach this untarnished holy spot.

Walk along the jungle paths to sight the Vishnumurthy Temple in Balkur near Idagunji and not to worry, it is just a km away from the Vinayaka Temple in Idagunji.

Vishnumurthy Temple

Temple Arch
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

There stands Lord Vishnu engulfed in serenity and tailed by the history of 1000 years. Sri Vishnumurthy Temple is one among the unexplored temples in Karnataka. Visiting such a shrine away from the crowd is pleasing for the heart.

After a walk through the enchanting woods, a big gate indicates the existence of the shrine. A Garuda Sthamba in front of the entrance door comes into the picture as went enter through the gate. The large door with beautiful paintings on the either side of the walls nudge us to explore the temple.

Vishnumurthy Temple

A Board Indicating the Way to Temple
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

Although the temple is 1000-years old, it has been renovated to give it a modern look. In fact, the deity of Lord Vishnu belongs to an ancient period. Here the black stone idol of Vishnu is 2ft in height and is in a standing position with four hands conch on the upper left chakra on the upper right and mace in the lower left hand resting on the ground. There are no artificial lights in the temple and the premises of the temple will take you to a world of devotion.

Curious Legend

As per the local legend, it is believed that the the inscriptions of this temple were thrown in a well nearby. Hence, no one has found any information about this shrine for years. Although it is an ancient shrine, there is still no proper records to trace its history as such.

Vishnumurthy Temple

The Beautiful Vishnumurthy Temple
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

In the Temple Premises

Lord Vishnumurthy rules as the presiding deity of this shrine and there are other statues as well which include the Serpent God and a small Shiva Linga outside the main temple.

Vishnumurthy Temple

Stairs that lead to the stream
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

Attractions of Vishnumurthy Temple

Nature is a 'box of wonder' and Vishnumurthy Temple premises is an apt example for that. Just climb down a few steps behind the temple to witness the heavenly beauty of nature. We bet you will not feel disappointed here.

Vishnumurthy Temple

Stream flowing behind the temple
Photo Courtesy: Brunda Nagaraj

A small stream flows just behind the temple which is a must-visit spot here. In fact, sitting in this clear water stream listening to the music of nature is like a devotion in itself. It is sad that we hardly find any place kept away from pollution, but this stream is worth your time. Just don't litter the place, just enjoy the mystical beauty.

We assure that Kudlamane Vishnumurthy Temple will remain in your memories forever. So, don't miss out on exploring this ancient temple on your visit to Idagunji Vinayaka Temple and seek blessings from the Lord Vishnu Murthy as well.

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