» »Visakhapatnam To Papikondalu – To The Perfect Getaway Amidst Forests And Hills

Visakhapatnam To Papikondalu – To The Perfect Getaway Amidst Forests And Hills

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Also known as Papi Hills, Papikondalu is a mountain range in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is known for its green hills, dense forests and beautiful streams. Hence, it has become a weekend destination for locals over a period of time. Today, it is frequented by thousands of tourists from all over the state. Who wouldn't love to take a break away from their busy schedule and savour the beauty of freshness amidst hills and forests? If you are one amongst those who are looking forward to making their weekends soothing, then you must plan a trip to Papikondalu. As the region is rich with diverse wildlife, you can also go photographing its rare beauties here. Read on to know more about these beautiful hills and how to reach them.

Best Time To Visit Papikondalu

Being a region covered with lush green vegetation and towering hills, Papikondalu experiences a bearable climate throughout the year and hence, it is a year-round destination. However, during the summer season, the afternoon becomes hot and a little humid to pitch your tents and enjoy nature. Therefore, during the months May and June, it is least-visited by tourists. The best time to visit Papikondalu is from October until the end of April.

How To Reach Papikondalu

By Air: The nearest airport from Papikondalu is located in Rajahmundry at a distance of about 75 km. Once you have reached the airport, you can hire a direct cab to Papikondalu. It will take you an average time of 2 h to reach your destination from the airport.

By Rail: The major railhead is also located in Rajahmundry. Hence, you need to catch a train from Visakhapatnam to Rajahmundry and then from there, a cab to Papikondalu. The entire journey by rail and road will take an approximate time of 5 h.

By Road: Papi Hills is easily accessible by road. However, there are several spots within the deep woods which you can only access by walking.

Route: Visakhapatnam - Rajahmundry - Papikondalu

On your way, you can also explore the beautiful city of Rajahmundry as it also houses numerous tourist spots.


Rajahmundry is located at a distance of about 75 km from Papikondalu and 190 km from Visakhapatnam and hence, it is a perfect spot to take a break at. Also known as the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry is famous amongst tourists for its religious sites and other historical monuments.

However, it is also home to several natural sites. The major places here include Kotilingeshwara Ghat Temple, Cotton Museum, Dowleswaram Barrage and the river beaches of Godavari. Wouldn't you love to savour the beauty of this historic city which is believed to have been established thousands of years ago?

Final Destination - Papikondalu

Eventually, you will be within the boundaries of Papikondalu amidst beautiful hills, thick forests and relaxing streams after travelling a distance of about 262 km. Being a natural expanse, there is not much to explore at Papikondalu other than its forests and hills. However, you can still spend your longs weekends here without getting bored. Following are the major things that you must do on your trip to Papikondalu without which your trip is certainly incomplete.

Trek Up The Hills

When life gives you hills, trek up to their summits because trekking is the best way to enjoy their beauty. The hills of Papikondalu are easily accessible due to the presence of several trekking trails. However, you need to be little careful as the dense forests of Papi Hills might be housing animals and reptiles. Therefore, it is advisable to take a guide with you if you are keen on exploring the hidden corners of Papikondalu.

Go Boating In Godavari River

Can you really refrain from boating when the beauty of Godavari river is all set to charm you with its mesmerising waters? Certainly not. Hence, you should not forget to go boating in Godavari river and explore the beauty of Papikondalu as you paddle through its beautiful waters. Have you ever explored the grandeur of wildlife on a boat? If not, try it at Papikondalu.


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Capture The Beauty Of Its Rich Wildlife

If you desire to capture the beauty of rich wildlife at Papikondalu, then it is better to explore it through Papikondalu National Park which is spread over an area of hundreds of sq km. From spotting rare species of plants to witnessing endangered animals, you can enjoy a lot of things here.

Laze By Its Lush Green Expanse

What can be better than lazing by beautiful grasslands and listening to the melodious silence of nature amidst the secluded expanse of nature? Yes, once you are done with exploring the diverse beauty of wildlife and boating in Godavari river, do not forget to pitch on your tents on this grassy landscape and enjoy the beauty of nature as you close your eyes and get lost in serenity.

Other Things To Do

Apart from all the above-given activities, you can also take up the expedition of exploring nearby places, such as Polavaram Dam, the beautiful village of Pattiseema and Maredumilli Deer Park.

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