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Travel Aid To The Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

By Ashley Babu

Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary was incepted as a sanctuary in 1991 by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department. The lake after which the place is named is also known as the Keetham Lake. The sanctuary is placed amidst - 30 kilometres - Mathura & Agra. Spread over an incredible area of 8 square kilometres and a lake covering 2.25 kilometres with a depth of 4-8 metres, this sanctuary has been listed as an important bird area IN 135.

This sanctuary, an epitome of freshwater land, is fondly referred as Keetham Jheel and is a small yet one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of the ideal locations for people who love to indulge in some bird watching, bird nesting and bird photography.

The Best Time To Visit To Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

sur sarovar bird sanctuary

The summers are hot and the winters are extremely cold. The average temperature is extreme, in the range of 1.5 °C to 49 °C. The months from July to September are the monsoon season. Due to the hot weather, the winter season is the ideal time to visit this sanctuary.

How To Reach Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Agra is placed on the western banks of Yamuna river, 204 kilometres from the capital city of Delhi. The area is easily accessible by via road, rail or air. You can also board a taxi to reach the area. There are trains and buses running that connect Agra with many major nearby cities like Delhi, Gwalior and Mathura. Agra also has a domestic airport that is placed 11 kilometres from the centre of the city.

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sur sarovar bird sanctuary

This sanctuary is blessed with picturesque backdrops and a rich cultural heritage comprising of flora and fauna. This has been named after the popular blind Hindi poet, Soordas, who was born in the sanctuary area.

The sanctuary houses more than 165 species of resident & migratory birds along with more than 300 species of pythons. The area houses the Keetham Lake amidst a dense forest and abundant vegetation. It is one of the vital birding destinations for ornithologists due to the high intensity of birds residing and migrating in the area.

The area surrounding the Keetham Lake has been transformed into a wetland by the forest department. The area is covered by macrophytic vegetation of water hyacinth and Potamogeton species during the summers. The winter season provides a supportive environment for the growth of avifauna.

sur sarovar bird sanctuary

You can spot the beautiful species of birds like the purple heron, grey heron, little gerbs, darter, paddy bird, comb duck, pintail, greying goose, bar-headed goose, night heron, spoonbill and cormorants in this area. You need to be extremely lucky to spot the various species of egrets.

This is also one of the important bear rescue centres in India. Incepted by a group of 25 rescue dancing bears in the year 2005. Today, there are more than 300 of them nurtured by the wildlife experts, making it one of the largest bear sanctuaries in the world. It serves as an educational centre for students who come here for educational tours. In addition, you can also indulge in checking out the amazing species of pythons that are housed here.

Other Tourist Attractions

sur sarovar bird sanctuary

Agra is home to several popular tourist attractions like the beautiful Taj Mahal. There are plenty of other historic and well-preserved monuments in the area. You can also browse through other attractions like the Ram Bagh Garden and Korai village. Agra is one of the favourite destinations for some leather hunting, so be ready to stack up your leather collection.

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