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Top Tourist Attractions in Rajgir

The scenic landscape of Rajgir is located about 10 km from Nalanda in Bihar and is considered as one the major tourist attractions of Bihar. With lush green valley and picturesque view points, Rajgir has attracted many tourists from around the globe. The colourful Rajgir Dance Festival which begins from October 24- 26 this year is regarded as a major tourist attraction. During the festival the artists from the state present the classical and folk dances. Other major attractions like Nalanda and Bihar Sharif are located in proximity to Rajgir making it an ideal tourist spot in Bihar.

A day is enough to marvel the beauty of the places here and the list below could help you spot the best of Rajgir that you could visit in a day.


Gridhakuta also known as Vulture's Peak has remained a major destination for pilgrims. The Buddha Sangha of Japan have constructed a massive modern stupa, the Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda), at the top of the hill. A bridle path leads to up to the hill but it is much more fun to take the cable car which operates every day except Thursday. One way ride takes about 10 mins and offers a splendid view of the hills.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs, also called as Brahmakund is an importanat tourist attraction and lies at the foot of Vaibhava Hills. The hot springs have separate bathing place for men and women and these springs boast of great medicinal value for curing skin diseases.

Laxmi Narayan Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and many devotees visit the temple in large numbers every day. Within the temple premises, it has an ancient hot spring where devotees could take a dip before offering their prayers.

Travellers can also visit nearby destinations like Nalanda, Bihar Sharif and Pawapuri which are in proximity to Rajgir. Travelling to these places are very convenient as regular buses and tourist vehicles are easily available. Just 10 km from Rajgir is Nalanda, where travellers can visit the ancient ruins of the university. After visiting the ruins at Nalanda, one can head to Bihar Sharif which is located 25 km from Rajgir.

Shanti Stupa

Bihar Sharif houses the tomb of the Muslim Saint of 14th century Makhdum Shah Sharifuddin. After visiting the tomb at Bihar Sharif, travellers can head to Pawapuri which is located about 10 km from Bihar Sharif. Pawapauri is a place of great importance for the Jains and is home to two beautiful temples - Jalamandir and Samosharan temple. Thousands of tourists visit these temples every year from all over India.

How to Reach Rajgir

The nearest airport is Patna which is located about 90 km from Rajgir and is well connected with major cities of India. Rajgir is well-connected by road and regular bus services are available to travellers from Rajgir to the major cities of Bihar.

Where to Stay at Rajgir

Good accommodation options are not available to travellers at Rajgir and is advisable to stay in Patna and take a day trip to Rajgir. Patna has a number of deluxe and budget hotels that offer accommodation at reasonable rates.

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