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5 Top Places for Camping in Karnataka

By Akshatha Vinayak

As kids nothing would have given us more joy than making a tent and playing inside it! Probably, this excitement remains with us forever and pushes us to experience it in reality. Yes, camping is one of the most enjoyable and must-try adventures. The thought of staying on a mountain or a jungle is thrilling and exciting. In this article, we are listing out some top places for camping in Karnataka.



Photo Courtesy: Harsha S


Isn't it wonderful to witness the dramatical sunrise and sunset views at the highest peak of Karnataka? A trek in Mullayanagiri is definitely satiating for the nature lover in you! Camping is even more interesting to experience its scenic vistas. Mullayanagiri is not just known as a trekkers paradise but also as a best camping site.

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You can experience Kodagu at its best in Tadiandamol. The untouched landscapes, mystic surroundings and the patches of Shola grasslands is sure to devour you in its beauty. Enthusiasts can enjoy its serene nature by trekking as well as camping. Waking up to the divine nature in the lap of the Western Ghats is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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The quaint town of Sakleshpura has become one of the favourite weekend getaways from Bengaluru. Surrounded by the enchanting hills and coffee plantations, Sakleshpura is turning out to be a hotspot for youngsters. Pleasant atmosphere along with lush green vegetation offers a good opportunity for adventure activities. Hence, Sakleshpura is one of the top places for camping in Karnataka.

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Forest Camp

Photo Courtesy: toufeeq hussain

Jungle Camping in Dandeli

Dandeli, on the banks of Kali River is known for its wildlife and jungle reserves. In recent times, it has also developed as one of the top white river rafting destinations in Karnataka. Nature walks and jungle safaris are the highlights in Dandeli tourism. In a place such as this, jungle camping is certainly worth while! Yes, camping is the thrilling way to experience a stay in the forests and Dandeli is one of the best in the state!

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Camping in Shimoga

Photo Courtesy: Harsha K R

Kanoor Kote

There is a unique thrill in exploring the unknown. Kanoor Kote Fort is one of the offbeat destinations situated deep inside Shimoga district. The vistas of Sharavathi Valley is best explored through a trek to Dabbe Falls and Kanoor Kote Fort. It is even more interesting to camp around the dense vegetation surrounding this region.

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Nowadays we are losing the green heritage because of globalisation. In these times, it is hard to find greener pastures in the cities. So, it is nothing less than a wonder to experience the mountains and dense forests. Camping is one of the ways through which we can feel that tranquil nature and also get to know the importance of lush greenery.

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