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Top Natural Wonders Of The World And Their Counterparts In India

India is one of the few countries in the world where you can find every kind of tourist spot. Be it regarding historical places, man-made wonders, prehistoric sites, pilgrimage centres or natural beauty, India never ceases to satisfy the wanderlust of its visitors. So, when the bet is on natural wonders, how can it be an exception? Certainly, it houses hundreds of places which can give tough competition to the natural wonders of the world. Following is the list that includes the most beautiful places in India which seem like paradises on earth. If you are a traveller, then these destinations are all set to astound you and change your schema regarding the natural wonders of the world. So, read on to know more about them.

1. Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Ever been to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand? If not, then you should head towards this great expanse which will certainly let you forget the Valley of Flowers at California. Located at a distance of about 300 km from the capital city Dehradun, this exotic beauty has become a paradise for trekkers and campers over a period of time.

Covered with the meadows of alpine flowers and dotted with misty mountains, this richly diverse region is all set to send you to the world of retirement. If you are looking forward to experiencing the presence of a fresh and an unpolluted atmosphere hundreds of miles away from an urban settlement, then the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is your destination. You can also spot several rare and endangered species of plants, animals and birds here.

2. The Dazzling Beauty Of The Thar Desert

Well, the only major difference between the great Sahara and the majestic Thar is that the Sahara is not a part of India while the Thar is. So, why look forward to experiecing the greatness of the Sahara when we already have the Thar in store to explore?

Spread over an area of about 150000 sq km, this vast expanse of dazzling sand has a lot to offer its tourists. From enjoying camel safaris to savouring desert camping and capturing glittering sand to witnessing some of the most beautiful sunset sceneries, you can have loads of fun within its boundaries.

3. The Serenity Of Lakshadweep


PC- Manvendra Bhangui

On one hand you have the turquoise waters of Thailand and on the other hand, the aquamarine shades of Lakshadweep, which one would you choose? If you live in India and have seen the stupendous beauty of Lakshadweep, you would certainly be choosing these aquamarine shades over the white sandy beaches of Thailand.

Such is the magnificence of Lakshadweep beaches and their lush green surroundings that this awe-inspiring setting of nature seems like an unknown and secluded paradise on earth. From exploring coral islands to lazing by its pristine unpolluted beaches, there is a lot to savour here. So, what do you think of a tour of Lakshadweep now?

4. Stainless And Heavenly Presence Of Gulmarg

We all have heard of Switzerland a trillion times in our life and we all desire to settle there forever. But did you ever think of considering the beauty of Gulmarg in the state of Jammu & Kashmir? If not, then now is the time you should give this underrated beauty some attention.

It is cent percent sure that this unearthly expanse will never disappoint you. It was the directors' favourite shooting location back in the 1970s and 1980s for a reason. From colourful gardens to skiing regions, lush green meadows to snow-capped mountains, each and every corner of Gulmarg will leave you wonderstruck.

5. The Lush Green Tea Gardens Of Munnar

It is a known fact that tea was invented in China thousands of years ago; hence, it is natural for this highly populated country to host some of the most beautiful and soothing tea gardens. But if you spare some time and look at the convincing tea gardens of Munnar in Kerala, you will certainly feel like exploring them as soon the possible.

These lush green plantations of tea sprawling over thousands of acres provide its visitors with a tranquillising experience. Even though Assam harbours the most number of tea plantations in the country, Munnar is still unbeatable when it comes to the freshness of those tea gardens.

6. The Breathtaking Chitrakoot Falls In Chhattisgarh

We all get fascinated by the greatness of the Niagara Falls as it gushes down with an unimaginable downpour. But if you have ever been to Chitrakoot Falls in the state of Chhattisgarh, you wouldn't be comparing it to the former.

Even though Chitrakoot Falls is not as astounding as Niagara, it will surprise you with its unimaginable width. Located on Indravati river, this breathtaking waterfall is located in the Kanger Valley National Park and hence, it is surrounded by the lush green beauty of forests and grasslands, thereby, making it a perfect weekend destination.

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