» »Top Monsoon Destinations In Uttar Pradesh That Will Revitalise You

Top Monsoon Destinations In Uttar Pradesh That Will Revitalise You

Unarguably, Uttar Pradesh is one of the most significant states in India and is popular amongst domestic as well as international tourists on account of its age-old historical sites and highly revered spiritual places. Apart from housing one of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal, it has in store thousands of spots which narrate the history, culture and traditions of India. We agree that there are very few places in Uttar Pradesh where you can actually enjoy the beauty of raw nature. Despite this fact, you can still savour the beauty of the monsoon season within its boundaries.

Wouldn't you love to know about these monsoon destinations in Uttar Pradesh? Well, if you are one amongst those tourists or travellers who love capturing and relishing the grandeur of the rains, then the following stoppages are certainly for you. Read on to know more about them.


There cannot be a better place to enjoy the monsoon season other than the lush expanse of the forests. Yes, if you think Uttar Pradesh doesn't harbour such natural beauties in the form of grasslands and forests, then you really need to plan a tour of this beautiful state.

Dudhwa National Park is one amongst the places here where you can spread your wings and dance to the rhythm of the rains. Located in the Lakhimpur Kheri district, this protected land is home to diverse wildlife, luxuriant plains and rich vegetation.

Therefore, it is an ideal location to witness the beauty of the monsoon as the showering rain adorn the tender leaves and the squashy grass with its tiny droplets. Don't you think it is a sight to savour? Dudhwa National Park is located at a distance of about 210 km from the capital city Lucknow and is easily accessible by road.


You must be wondering why Allahabad is added to the list of monsoon destinations in Uttar Pradesh. Well, let us tell you that the beauty of rivers, which embellish the outskirts of Allahabad, reaches its summit during the monsoon season as they get brimmed with the rain waters.

Allahabad is located at a distance of about 200 km from Lucknow and is considered as one of the holiest places in India on account of being the land of the confluence of three sacred rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

As per mythological records, it dates back to thousands of years. Therefore, it also holds the charm of a historical place. During the monsoon season, you can go boating in the holy waters of Sangam, the confluence, and witness the spectacular views of the sunrise and the sunset.

Monsoon Destinations In Uttar Pradesh


Unknown to many travellers and tourists, Rehar is a small historical town in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh and houses several stoppages for nature lovers. From forests to dams and wildlife to green vegetation, there is a lot to savour within its boundaries.

As it is one of the few places in the state which are blessed with natural beauties, it should be on the bucket list of every traveller who is looking forward to capturing the unexplored corners of Uttar Pradesh. Rehar is located at a distance of about 412 km from Lucknow and 215 km from Delhi and makes for a perfect weekend getaway amidst serene nature.

The nearby tourist centres include Jim Corbett National Park and Nainital. Have you ever been to any such place in Uttar Pradesh where you can literally contemplate the majesty of unpolluted nature? If not, then Rehar should be your next destination.


A popular city in the sub-Himalayan plateau in the vicinity of the Shivalik Range, Pilibhit is a beautiful place which is blessed with forests, roadside canals and farmlands. It is also known as Bansuri Nagari as it is the largest producer and exporter of flutes in India. The major reason why Pilibhit makes for an ideal monsoon destination in Uttar Pradesh lies in the fact that it is one of the forest rich areas in the state.

Therefore, you can enjoy the loveliness of lush greenery and dense thick forests here during the monsoon season when their beauty is at the peak. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is the most popular tourist centre here. How about getting yourself to this rich land and relishing the first drizzle of the monsoon in the state?


Another sacred town known for its beautiful river ghats and historical sites, Varanasi is one of the oldest places in the world and is located at a distance of about 300 km from Lucknow. Due to its relation with Hindu gods, sages and saints, it is also known as the spiritual capital of India.

How about getting yourself to this holy town and witnessing its beautiful river banks during the monsoon season as they become more photogenic and alluring? Even though the entire settlement of Varanasi gets sludgy during the rainy season, you can still find its riverside settlements charming. So, how about a tour of this wonderful destination this season?

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