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Top 8 Things To Avoid In Temples

By Brunda

Exams are close by; why don't we seek blessings from Ganapati Bappa. Relationship concerns, come on dude, why is Lord Krishna for? Issues with Visa? Do not fret, we have Visa Balaji in Hyderabad for our rescue. Be it anything, most of us believe that, "Faith in God will never fail our efforts", and having said that don't you think we need to respect the place where he dwells?

We have gone ahead and listed top 8 things to avoid in temples and I guess, it's a deadly combo when spirituality and common sense blend. Don't you think so?

1. Wow, what an amazing ring tone

Please mind that, temples are not the place to flaunt your cell phone ring tones or caller tunes. Temples are a place where people come to pray and seek peace of mind; so let's not be a menace to others.


Image Courtesy : Bill Ebbesen

2. God, I want you to tag you

Avoid taking photographs where it is not allowed, seeing through lens is great but capturing the serenity with the natural lens makes a lot of sense at religious places

3. Oh, I forgot to carry my paper towels

Temples are generous enough to offer Prasadam to its devotees, as we enjoy the taste let's not replace the temple pillars and walls with the handkerchief or paper towels. There should be a source of water somewhere around and I guess finding one would not be a tough thing.

4. Awee, I am so pious

Yes, we are all pious and certainly wash our hands and feet before entering any religious place. Despite the boards being displayed in the temple premises to maintain cleanliness; we do not mind barging in with water dripping feet.


Image courtesy : Elf

5. It's my child's playground

Temples are not play areas or parks for children; what we teach is what they learn. Try and imbibe the significance of a place into your children when you take them along. Our child may be an apple of our eye but they shouldn't become an annoyance to others.

6. Hey, that's my brother; Excuse-me

There are a lot of people who would already be standing in the long queues waiting to get a glimpse of the Lord. Do not try to include a friend or a relative you know of in between the line. Let us remember that, we are all equal in front of the Lord and excuse-me is certainly not a word to be used.


Image Courtesy : Avsnarayan

7. Civilized versus Literates

Not all literates are civilized; there is a thin line between being educated and being civilized. Temples are places where people from different age groups come; we need to ensure that we respect the personal zone of every individual at all times.

8. God, just bless me

Well, we all go to temples to seek blessings and I guess God treats every creation of his equally. So why do we have to stand right in front of God's idol and become an obstacle to other devotees? Let's maintain lane discipline and let others get blessed too.

We all live in a world of contrast and temples are the places where we try and find some peace of mind and I know you will all agree with me on these lines; so why not follow some "Templetiqutte" as well?

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