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Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Telangana

The state of historic cities, Telangana is known for its age-old history and culture. But do you know Telangana is home to hundreds of natural sites, ranging from hills to streams and wildlife sanctuaries to meadows? If not, then you are really missing out on amazing destinations which can change your mindset regarding Telangana. So, how about taking an unconventional way this time and exploring its least-explored sites? If you are in to take up this expedition, then let's start with the wildlife sanctuaries in Telangana.

From savouring the unseen magnificence of nature to spotting several rare species of plants and animals, you will feel elevated by each and every activity you carry out within its boundaries. Read on to know in detail about these prolific expanses and their respective locations.

1. Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at a distance of about 15 km from Kothagudem, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful parts of Telangana and is spread over an area of about 635 sq km. With forested islands, beautiful lakes and rich flora and flora, it certainly is a perfect weekend destination in a delightful world.

On one hand, you can go photographing its scenic landscape and on the other hand, you can capture the beauty of its vibrant wildlife. The major reason why you must plan a tour of this wondrous expansion lies in its uncrowded environment and appealing atmosphere.

After all, who wouldn't love to take a break from their hectic schedule and unwind in an unpolluted and natural world? Kinnerasani Lake is the prime attraction of the sanctuary, so do not forget to treat your eyes here.

2. Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary

Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Medak district at a distance of about 50 km from Hyderabad. Therefore, it is gaining popularity amongst nature lovers day by day. However, it still falls under the category of least-explored destinations.

Established in the year 1978, it covers an area of about 20 sq km and is mainly popular amongst visitors for its large population of birds, ranging from migratory to indigenous species, and vulnerable species of mugger crocodiles. There is also a huge reservoir present within its boundaries which caters to the water needs of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Blessed with rich forests, diverse fauna and beautiful waterbodies, this enthralling sanctuary should be your next weekend destination. Apart from birds and crocodiles, the major species found here include turtles, wild boar and mongoose.

3. Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve

The largest of them all, Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve covers five districts of Telangana, namely Kurnool, Prakasam, Guntur, Nalgonda and Mahbubnagar and hence, it is home to hundreds of tourist spots.

From rural settlements to dams, forest lands to farm fields and rich grasslands to lakes, there is a lot to savour within its boundaries. If you are looking to explore the richly diverse beauty of Telangana, then this tiger reserve is the region you should visit.

It is also home to several beautiful waterfalls, such as Ethipothala Falls, rivers, such as Krishna river, and numerous ancient temples. Don't you think it is a perfect place to spend weekends amidst nature? Apart from tigers, the major species found here include sloth bear, Indian leopard and blackbuck.

Wildlife Sanctuaries In Telangana

4. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

A bird watcher's paradise and every nature lover's dream, Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary seems like a natural world straight out of heaven. Spread over an area of about 130 sq km and established in the year 1952, it is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India and is located at a distance of around 100 km from Nizamabad.

The major species of birds here include herons, egrets and openbill storks. You can also spot several animals, such as jackal, elephant and boar. The presence of Pocharam Lake enhances its overall charm and appeal. So, what do you think about getting yourself to this unexplored beauty?

5. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

How about staying in a forest cottage inside a wildlife sanctuary and feeling the essence of calmness? Well, if you would love to do the same, then Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is your destination.

Located at a distance of about 110 km from Warangal on the banks of Godavari river, this wonderful sanctuary is covered with thick deep forests and is blessed with rich wildlife. With streams, springs, hills and plains, it is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in India. The major species found here include tiger, leopard, blackbuck, spotted deer, sambar and wolf.

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