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Top 5 Reasons Sahibganj In Jharkhand Must Be Explored

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The northernmost district of Jharkhand, Sahibganj is located at a distance of about 420 km from the capital city, Ranchi, and makes for an ideal weekend getaway on account of its mesmerising beauties. Even though the history of this beautiful district is still unknown, it is believed to have been founded thousands of years ago before the advent of the Common Era. However, as per historical records, Sahibganj was once a flourishing state in the early 5th century when it was known as a home to Buddhist monks. Today, it is one of the largest and fastest-developing regions in the state and is also a weekend destination for several offbeat travellers.

From lakes to rivers and hills to historical sites, there is a lot to witness here. If you are looking for a place where you can experience the beauty of nature and history away from the tourist crowd, then Sahibganj is your stoppage this season. Read on to know about the top reasons why Sahibganj must be explored.

The Presence Of Beautiful Green Hills

Even though Jharkhand literally translates as bushland, it is still home to some of the most beautiful hills in the country. Sahibganj nurtures the beauty of Rajmahal hills which are blessed with lush greenery and rich vegetation. The main town of Sahibganj is settled at the foothills of Rajmahal hills, and hence it maintains a pleasant and soothing environment.

You cannot find such gorgeous hills everywhere in Jharkhand, and therefore you must add Sahibganj on your bucket list. The best time to visit them is during the monsoon season when their natural beauty is at its peak and the entire atmosphere is filled with serenity.

The Only District Through Which Ganga Passes

Yes, you read that right. Sahibganj is the only district in Jharkhand which is blessed with the beautiful beaches of river Ganga. On one hand, you can enjoy boating in its beautiful waters and on the other hand, you can laze by its soothing banks.

You can also frame the enthralling sunset and the sunrise views of the river in your camera. If you live in Jharkhand and would love to witness the grandeur of river Ganga, then you cannot find a better destination than Sahibganj in the state. The presence of hills and lush green vegetation around the river makes the region look more photogenic.


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Fascinating Historical Sites

If you are planning a trip to Sahibganj, then you are meant to visit its historical sites. Being an ancient settlement, it is home to several historic places where you can avail the opportunity of travelling back in time and learning about the history of Jharkhand. Even though most of its historical monuments are in ruins today, they still narrate the legendary past of Sahibganj.

The list of such ancient places here includes Bhagwa Kuan, Teliagarhi Fort and Jama Masjid. Teliagarhi Fort is believed to be the oldest monument in the district with its history dating back to thousands of years. However, as per records, it was built during the reign of the Mughal dynasty.

Harbours Lakes And Streams

How can a weekend be satisfying if you can't relish the beauty of lakes and streams? Therefore, Sahibganj is all here to make your weekend memorable with its lakes and small perennial springs. Udhwa Lake, located at a distance of about 45 km from the city centre, is one place where you can spend your evenings and mornings amidst quietness and composure.

The region is also home to several beautiful species of birds, and hence it is also a perfect weekend destination in Sahibganj for bird-watchers. The major species found here include egret, wagtail, heron and lapwing.

Home To Several Religious Sites

Is it really possible to have a historical place in India without it housing religious sites? Certainly not. Then how can Sahibganj be an exception here? As per historical records, Sahibganj was once a home to Buddhist monks.

However, today, most of the religious sites here include Hindu temples. Some date back to several centuries, numerous to decades and a few to millenniums. These most prominent sites include Kanhaiya Temple, Shivgadi Temple, Binduvasini Temple, Raksisthan Temple and Shukravasini Temple. The district is also home to several churches, such as St. Mary's Church.

So, what do you think of Sahibganj now? Isn't it a perfect place to spend your weekends amid seclusion? As it is an unexplored and unknown tourist spot, you can explore its beauty without getting disturbed by the tourist crowd.

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