» »The Quaint Village Of Deuduar Is A Perfect Getaway From Guwahati

The Quaint Village Of Deuduar Is A Perfect Getaway From Guwahati

There are numerous places around Guwahati which make for a perfect weekend getaway. These are the places where one can relax amid soothing environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some of them are immensely popular and remain crowded throughout the year and a very few of them are places which are only known amongst offbeat travellers and locals, and hence harbour serenity. Wouldn't you love to spend your weekend at such peaceful places? If yes, the you must plan a trip to Deuduar this weekend from Guwahati. This wonderful is all set to surprise you. So, read on to know more about this quaint village of Deuduar and its tourist attractions.

Best Time To Visit Deuduar

Even though Deuduar experiences a bearable climate throughout the year, it is mainly visited in between the months of August and February. However, the best time to visit it is from September until the end of March. During this period, the climate is cool and pleasant.

The History And The Location Of Deuduar

Deuduar, also written as Deuduwar, is a beautiful village in the Kamrup district of Assam and is settled in the vicinity of the charming Brahmaputra river. Surrounded by lush green hills and colourful farm fields, this quaint hamlet seems like a small paradise.

Hence, it is a perfect destination to explore during the weekends. The village is also known for its age-old history, and therefore, it houses several ancient sites and historical monuments.

As per local legends, the village is said to have been established thousands of years ago and the presence of archaeological sites in and around the village proves it. Today, Deuduar is a tourist destination and is mainly visited by offbeat travellers and locals.

Why You Must Visit Deuduar

From hills to temples and historical monuments to archaeological sites, there are numerous tourist attraction in and around Deuduar. So, when you are getting such an amazing deal, why refrain from planning a trip?

The nearby Gopeswar Hill is said to be the place where Lord Shiva resided thousands of years ago, and hence, you can find a small temple dedicated to him, Gopeswar Temple, which is visited by hundreds of devotees every year.

The surroundings of the village are also good for trekking and camping. The major places to visit here include Gopeswar Temple, Gopeswar Hill, Madan Kamdev and Parvati Guha, which is known for fulfilling the wishes of childless couples. So, what do you think of a visit to this hidden beauty this weekend? You can certainly feel the essence of calmness within its boundaries.


How To Reach Deuduar

By Air: The nearest airport to Deuduar is located in Guwahati at a distance of about 40 km. From the airport, you can either hire a cab or get a direct bus to Deuduar. It will take you an approximate time of 1 h to reach your destination from the airport.

By Rail: The best way to reach Deuduar by rail is to take a direct train to Guwahati and then from there, a cab or bus to the village.

By Road: Deuduar is well connected to all other cities and towns in Assam by road and hence, it can easily be accessed by cab or bus.

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